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Likes New White Book

Hi Harold: I read your proposed draft and like it! I think some of your ideas will come to pass as we build local units, as an example we will at the same time be able to build an economy by bartering our services to each other. This will keep our activity for the most […]

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New Record

Hi, guys: On Sunday, Ocober 9th, we scored our greatest daily hit total: 2,052 individual visits. This is due to a single post that someone, possibly an anti, made at You see, guys? Making a single post letting people know that we are here can have an effect. -HAC

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BitTorrent Is Now Working

For Colonel House YouTube videos and Radio Free Northwest podcasts:

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HAC On The Radio

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Radio Free Northwest – October 6th 2011

This week we hear from Gretchen the Librarian on Ayn Rand, Axis Sally gives us a couple of spiritual pep talks, HAC and Charles Martel rap on immigration and technology, and we get a blast from RFN’s past.

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NF Forum

Guys, you do know, do you not, that there is an NF forum besides the RFN comments for you to go off onto long digressions, right?

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