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[Not making this up, people. It arrived this morning. – HAC]

On Grounds of Preaching Sedition to the Constitution of the united states and againts the Republic of the united States of America.
One may openly as a millitary Voluntier speek of Insurection,
Rebelion, Revolution, Renisaunce by force, Millitary coupe, Execution of Public servants,After fair trial, But May not as aCitizen Soldier Preach Sedition against the nation or it’s form of constituted governance! That Sir.??
Is high treason!
You are subject to millitary tibunakl for such, by your Comanding officer,If you don’t have A comanding officer? And opperate as a stand alone muinite man? Then you are Subject to the Athority of the Addutant gennerral of your State!!

I call on you too Turn your self in to said Addjutant Genneral of your state, or your fellow citizens, Treason it a crime punnishable by hanging or fireing squad, for a man in uniform.

A Jefferson Ranger Colorado State Milita. Officer 9 years served as voluntier