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Three Flee, See?

Hi, guys:

Okay, so far we have only had three people off our e-list flee screaming into the night due to the “Brandenburg Lectures,” in terror that the FBI will batter in their door at dawn or whatever it is, exactly, that they’re afraid of.

Some years ago when I was doing some similar polemic grab-assing with The Beast, one guy said, “It’s fascinating to observe you, Harold, like watching some idiot trying to jump twenty school buses on a motorcycle or dance on a high wire. We all hope you make it, but we figure you’re going to crash or slip and fall and go splat, and that’s why we can’t stop watching. It’s a morbid fascination.”

Well, unless there are more of you who are going to lose your nerve, enjoy the show. The Fall Building Campaign appeal is coming up in about a month, so when you get it in your mail box, remember all the fine entertainment you’ve gotten over the past year and open your damned checkbooks, because I’m going to try and take us another few slow, agonizing inches forward this winter.