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Three Flee, See?

Hi, guys:

Okay, so far we have only had three people off our e-list flee screaming into the night due to the “Brandenburg Lectures,” in terror that the FBI will batter in their door at dawn or whatever it is, exactly, that they’re afraid of.

Some years ago when I was doing some similar polemic grab-assing with The Beast, one guy said, “It’s fascinating to observe you, Harold, like watching some idiot trying to jump twenty school buses on a motorcycle or dance on a high wire. We all hope you make it, but we figure you’re going to crash or slip and fall and go splat, and that’s why we can’t stop watching. It’s a morbid fascination.”

Well, unless there are more of you who are going to lose your nerve, enjoy the show. The Fall Building Campaign appeal is coming up in about a month, so when you get it in your mail box, remember all the fine entertainment you’ve gotten over the past year and open your damned checkbooks, because I’m going to try and take us another few slow, agonizing inches forward this winter.



  1. Gary
    Sep 21, 2011

    HAC, Glad you mentioned those damned checkbooks. Is there any remote chance or hopefully a very big chance on the horizon that the North West Front might in the future have a PayPal account set up to accept and process donations, perhaps under a completely different name that might not attract the usual unwanted attention? Well, I write few checks except for bills and I prefer to make any donations to anything simply by sending a USPS Money Order when post office business hours, locations and time permits. I’ll get to a post office sooner or later, but because that PayPal is so simple, the North West Front would already have my donations by now or weeks ago. Anyway, thanks for considering that idea, at least at some time in the future if possible.

  2. Ken
    Sep 22, 2011

    Don’t bother with PayPal, they like fags and will freeze your account when they discover you pick on sodomites.

  3. Gary
    Sep 23, 2011

    I almost never use PayPal to make any payments, although PayPal “appears” to allow a sliver of the ability to make an anonymous online payment, however as we all know, there is absolutely no such thing as an anonymous personal or private account anywhere in ZOG’s cyberspace world. We all are electronically branded, specifically identified and electronically surveillance monitored 24/7 in one electronic form or another just like regular farm animals that are branded, ear-tagged, ankle-tagged or micro-chipped by a farmer or rancher. Well, it’s back to using the old fashioned USPS Money Orders delivered by snail mail USPS Pony Express Riders.

  4. john king
    Sep 25, 2011

    A lot of people are hesitant to make donations to any worthwhile cause because of a lack of accounting by such organizations as to where and how donation money is spent. Well, frankly, a lot of people are just plain broke under this Judaic system of financial and spiritual rape. Now aware of what I consider the “Real Deal” (NW Front) I want to donate at a $50 level or more (per month) idefinitely. But White Nationalist or not I expect to see some sort of accounting sheet made visible to all. When people are confident that our money is being wisely spent, many will see fit to take their financial help to a new level. No one reading this comment has my permission to insinuate that I am calling anyone dishonest. I am not. Thank you.

  5. john king
    Sep 25, 2011

    Regarding the Brandenburg lectures: Harold, you and Axis Sally are on fire. After listening to the last podcast I was crying. It was that emotional. Maybe a few dweebs might be scared off but I guarantee you tha this kind of rhetoric is only galvinizing the audience and turning them into the Political Soldiers you talk about. As word spreads through the obvious channels, you listnership will be going up. People like me are tired of listening to passive Rotary-club style rhetoric (actionless rhetoric) best seen among the Tea Baggers. “Please Mr. Dictator, please give us our rights back.” A study of world history shows that there are ZERO cases of dictators and despots giving back power to the people because of polite platitudes. In our generation, as in all of the past, those who want freedom have to earn it … from the barrel of a gun. Because of you I have already informed dozens of people about the Brandenburg vs. Ohio case. No bull but I was at a Tea Party yesterday and I told people that this toothless rhetoric doesn’t make Obama and gang worry. It makes them laugh. Keep it up Harold. Let’s take this to a new level! Ex Gladio Libertas!

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