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Hi, guys:

A comrade asked me how many of “our people” off the e-list have fled screaming into the night over the Brandenburg Lectures, i.e. shrieked their demands to be taken off the list, denouncing me as some kind of deep cover agent provocateur for daring to mention armed struggle, etc.?

The answer is eight people, although a lot more have simply fallen silent, which is unusual for this time of year. We’re going into autumn, the weather is changing and the heat is breaking, and that generally leads to right-wing friskiness in the e-mail and paper correspondence department.

E and paper mail for the past three weeks is down quite significantly, which is a break in pattern that I attribute to people getting the yips over the Brandenburg Lectures, although of course unless someone says something, I have no way of knowing for sure. Remember, most “White Nationalists” when they flee don’t say anything at all, they just disappear, especially since the advent of the internet.