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Hi, guys:

A comrade asked me how many of “our people” off the e-list have fled screaming into the night over the Brandenburg Lectures, i.e. shrieked their demands to be taken off the list, denouncing me as some kind of deep cover agent provocateur for daring to mention armed struggle, etc.?

The answer is eight people, although a lot more have simply fallen silent, which is unusual for this time of year. We’re going into autumn, the weather is changing and the heat is breaking, and that generally leads to right-wing friskiness in the e-mail and paper correspondence department.

E and paper mail for the past three weeks is down quite significantly, which is a break in pattern that I attribute to people getting the yips over the Brandenburg Lectures, although of course unless someone says something, I have no way of knowing for sure. Remember, most “White Nationalists” when they flee don’t say anything at all, they just disappear, especially since the advent of the internet.



  1. Gary F.
    Sep 29, 2011

    “Runners”. That sounds oddly similar to the “Runners” in the movie “Logan’s Run”. I challenge anyone to try and spot and identify just one non-White Person in that movie, “Logan’s Run”, including all the “Sandmen” and all the “Runners”.

  2. Bret Ludwig
    Oct 01, 2011

    Superb movie. I was also thinking of the “walkers’ in the Stephen King book, “The Long Walk”.

  3. Gary F.
    Oct 02, 2011

    Bret Ludwig, I agree with you to a point. “Logan’s Run” based on the Science Fiction novel of the same title, was at best a “B” rated movie that made a half way decent attempt to portray the future of what a possible exclusively all White People’s society could possibly be like in the late 23rd Century with the weird twist that Life must end at age 30 and then you are “renewed” again as in “reborn” again. How the Jew controlled Hollywood of 1975-1976, including the Hollywood Jew producer Saul David and a Jew screenplay writer allowed and even perpetuated a movie that was deliberately intended to appeal exclusively to an all White Middle Class or WASP Middle Class audience is a bizarre enigma. The movie “Logan’s Run” was so “unJew like” to exclude all negroes/blacks, asians, mestizo Mexican Hispanics and all other minorities, that apparently money was the only motivation to make “Logan’s Run” and the Hollywood Jews probably thought correctly back in 1975 that a predominantly mostly or all White Middle Class audience or all WASP Middle Class audience of 1976-1977 would be too shocked, too disgusted and very turned off to see a bunch of or even only a few negroes/blacks, asians and mestizo Mexicans “running” around in this movie that is based on a speculated version of a late 23rd Century human society of the future that is living in an ultra modern domed city only a few tens of miles from the old deteriorated ruins of 20th Century Washington D.C. of the extinct United States Of America. Apparently, the Hollywood Jews decided to play it very safe by intentionally and deliberately excluding all negroes/blacks, all asians and all mestizo Mexicans from this unusual futuristic late 23rd Century all White Caucasian society movie to just make alot of money by specifically designing this unusual futuristic all White Anglo character movie, including all the White Caucasian extras, to appeal to a predominantly mostly White or all White Middle Class or WASP audience. If there is enough money to be made, Jews will sell their own souls to the Devil for money. “Logan’s Run” is now a type of cult classic for at least part of the White Middle Class in a similar way as the “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” cult classics. It’s a sad and very dangerous tragedy and an extremely serious emergency that too many White People in the White Middle Class think of their own White Race as only a type of cult classic instead of something extremely important and vital that must be actively and vigorously defended, protected, expanded, nurtured and preserved immediately and not later when our entire White Race is being completely overrun and totally exterminated with impunity by all of the MUD people races and by all of their Jew allies, advocates, promoters and supporters.

  4. Ryan D
    Oct 06, 2011

    I loved the Brandenburg Lectures. Especially the fourth installment, made me happy to know someone isn’t afraid to tackle the REAL issues in this country.

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