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NF Unit List – Updated

Northwest Front GHQ P.O. Box 4856 Seattle, WA. 98194-4856 NF Portland P.O. Box 28329 Portland Oregon 97228-8329 NF Montana P.O. Box 10756 Kalispell, MT 59904-0756 NF Salem Oregon P.O. Box 7665 Salem OR, 97303-7665

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Northwest Novels Group

For anyone wanting to discuss Freedom’s Sons or any of the other Northwest independence novels, there is a Northwest Novels group on Facebook.

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Hi, guys: Sorry, another long Grandpa Simpson e-mail ramble. I got a complaint today about the lack of “action” in the NF. This is a common occurrence in every Movement group and has become more so in the past few years since physical activity in the entire Movement has virtually ceased and been replaced by […]

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Interviews With “Students”

[I’m using some of my novel hiatus time to go through old e-mails and delete most of them, but I found this from about two years ago, addressed to a Portland comrade.] I suggest you pass on that one, for the following reasons, but it’s up to you. A) “Wolf” is a Jewish name, and […]

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New Portland NF Address

The address for the Portland Northwest Front unit has changed. It is now P.O. Box 28329 – Portland, Oregon – 97228-8329.

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Radio Free Northwest – September 8th 2011

In this podcast HAC discusses the Canadian ban on his Northwest novels, we hear a clip from the late Pastor Richard Butler of Aryan Nations, Axis Sally nay-says the nay-sayers, and Mr. Covington discusses his future series of Brandenburg Lectures on bringing non-consensual change to the present power structure.

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Brigade On Facebook

For those of you who are into Facebook, Comrade John Seaforth has started a “Brigade” page at

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Good Quote from AMF

Hi Harold, I found the following quote from A Mighty Fortress particularly interesting: “Human beings are the only creatures on the face of the earth who are capable of deliberate, malicious evil. Even a shark that tears off a swimmer’s leg or a rattlesnake that bites does it because it’s his instinct, because it’s the […]

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Freedom’s Sons Online

My thanks to Colonel House.

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Radio Free Northwest – September 1st 2011

In this podcast HAC discusses his fifth Northwest novel; we hear from Al, an incoming Northwest migrant; Axis Sally talks about the morality of hatred and Obama’s back door amnesty; and HAC warns about our friends in the silk suits who are sleazing around the Northwest again seeking to do harm.

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