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We Will Create a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.

“I’m In”

Well I just saw this article on-line;

I can’t pretend that the NWF isn’t a racial necessity any longer. I have lived my entire life like a stranger in a strange land. Grievance after grievance I sat idly by and tried to put a silver lining on things. But now I can see that the petroleum empire is finally getting ready to step on White necks in America. Without getting personal or putting too much risk on myself at this time, I would like to get involved with the movement.

Specifically I want to work right now from a promotion point in my local area.  Does the NWF have an official flier worked up yet? If so please send me the template to this e-mail address and I will print up and distribute them at my own cost. Right now I feel the need to awaken whites in my area and I believe a flier is a decent start.

Whoever gets this… what more can be said? I’m in.

“Finn McCool”

P. S.  – What are the current party considerations on the Homeland Brigade? When the uprising starts, that will be the force on the ground.