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Good Quote from AMF

Hi Harold,

I found the following quote from A Mighty Fortress particularly interesting:

“Human beings are the only creatures on the face of the earth who are capable of deliberate, malicious evil. Even a shark that tears off a swimmer’s leg or a rattlesnake that bites does it because it’s his instinct, because it’s the way that God made him. Only a human being can deliberately choose to harm another living thing without cause, or lie, or incite others to do harm, or come up with ideas that poison the mind and destroy what others have built, speak words that cause ruin and pain and murder hope. Where the hell did we get this idea that we have no right to make moral judgments? Somebody has to judge.”

I have come to understand this too in the recent past. The more I read your work, the more I find that we both agree on some important issues, that we share many of the same politically incorrect convictions about the way things are in this world, even though they may be downright unpleasant.

Back to my reading…