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Northwest Novels – Free Download Sites

Dear  Mr.  Covington,

I’d like to read your novels, but I’m not in a financial position to buy physical copies of them at the moment. You mentioned in one of the podcasts that you’d be willing to provide .pdf copies by email if requested.

Ian C.
Dublin, Ireland


In a really extreme case where you’ve got some ancient computer running Windows ME and a dial-up connection that can’t get them any other way, yes, I will, but it’s better if you download them off one of these sites:




I get some flak from my own friends who complain about my giving these books away, and it’s true, I suppose I should be selling them, but they were not written for the purpose of making money. They are an attempt to change the world, and it is more important for you to read and understand their message than for me to buy some more Hamburger Helper or get my car fixed. Really.