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Bad Message from Houdini

Frank, I deleted your “From A Houdini” post because I was getting some kind of weird Twitter-related “warning” message off it that I did not understand, and it was obtruding into the main blog itself. No idea WTF is going on, but since I did not understand what it was, and don’t have time to […]

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Freedom’s Sons, Volume One

Racial Comrades: Anyone wishing to receive a free copy in .pdf fomat of Northwest Novel #5, entitled Freedom’s Sons, Volume One, should e-mail me at The attachment is 455 pages and 220,000 words in length. I will be printing a very small number of galley copies for top supporters. These are extremely expensive to […]

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Radio Free Northwest – August 25th 2011

In this podcast we hear audio clips from speeches by Bill White and the late Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, Axis Sally speaks about our martyred comrades from the month of August, and HAC talks about the phenomenon of White Nationalists who flee into the night and disappear.

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We Are Prevailing

HAC: The 08/13 episode of The Political Cesspool featured a mention of the Northwest Imperative.  James Edwards, in a defeated voice, proclaimed that, “we are all supposed to move to the Northwest now” at the beginning of one of his increasingly ineffectual “stand and fight” rants. Political Cesspool is recorded in Memphis, TN, a city that has […]

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The Banned Interview

This is the Occidental Quarterly Interview from December of 2009 that got the editor, Greg Johnson, fired by his octogenarian Board of Directors for publicizing a howwible, wicked WADICAL like me. This interview, combined with a favorable review of the Northwest independence novels, caused Greg to be the subject of a campaign of smears and […]

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NF Forum

Uh, guys, you do know, do you not, that we have a Forum to replace the old It’s at We could especially use some Canadian input there. -HAC

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Radio Free Northwest – August 18th 2011

In this podcast HAC reads Enoch Powell’s famous “Rivers of Blood” speech from 1968, raps with Comrade Charles Martel, and Axis Sally talks about the California secession movement.

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Northwest Novels – Free Download Sites

Dear  Mr.  Covington, I’d like to read your novels, but I’m not in a financial position to buy physical copies of them at the moment. You mentioned in one of the podcasts that you’d be willing to provide .pdf copies by email if requested. Regards, Ian C. Dublin, Ireland ****************** In a really extreme case […]

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Preview of Coming Attractions

Again my apologies for not keeping this blog up, but I’m working on some things and it slipped through the cracks. Check out the video. Imagine if this cut off were for real. One day it will be.

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Radio Free Northwest – August 11th 2011

In this podcast I discuss the coming fifth Northwest independence novel and the questions it will answer, Axis Sally talks about relationships and nigger rioting, and then I dissect our poor racial character (again.)

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