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Short P.S. On Anders Breivik

Apparently Mr. C  needs to clarify some of his remarks on Anders Breivik from the July 28th podcast.


  1. JR
    Jul 30, 2011

    I think Mr. Covington and others here should step back a bit and not pass judgement on Breivik’s beliefs until the true information comes through. I’m reading the fist 30 pages of his manifesto and he does sound very much like one of us – he names the enemy before 1945 as Marxists-Communists-Bolsheviks and post 1945 as the Frankfurt School cultural marxists, 1960s Left that shifted away from economic marxism – giving up on inciting White European workers/peasants who rejected the Marxist and instead switched to inciting Blacks, feminists, homosexuals, 3rd worlders, Muslims to attack European, White Western civilization (family, church, traditional morality) etc.

    His actions were extremely violent and brutal and perhaps will cause a huge backlash against traditionalist Whites, immigration restrictionist etc – but he did target our enemies here and now year 2011 – this Labor Party youth camp was very Red and very non White by Norwegian standards.

    I read his manifesto as naming the Jew, he just doesn’t call them Jews – they’re Marxists. This works for me.

  2. Kathleen
    Jul 30, 2011

    I applaud HAC’s willingness to respond to his audience’s obvious need to form an educated opinion on current events and evaluate how relevant they are to our cause. I think this was a good exercise in consolidating our personal opinions into a collective or group opinion so we can remain unified and focused on our common cause.

  3. revisionist
    Jul 30, 2011

    You’ve misunderstood this false flag operation.
    Longish piece here (with pictures!) based on Norwegian, Spanish, French and US aources—- http://nukelies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t

    * Norway will be first to recognize the independence of Palestine
    * Norway rejects Saudi Arabia money from financing a mosques as Arabia “does not respect religious freedom”
    * Norway announced it will leave the coalition attacking Libya on Aug. 1
    * Norway controls its oil and sets rigorous policies for companies
    * Norway gives a kick in the ass to Wall Mart and Freeport on ethical grounds
    * Cuba and Norway have signed agreements in oil and fishing
    * Russia and Norway signed a maritime agreement that settles 40 years of border disputes
    * The Norwegian unions blocked Israeli shipping two weeks after Gaza flotilla killings
    * On the island of the shooting, Pro-Palestinian Rally finished the previous day. Boycott Israel.
    * The shootings Happened at the Same Time as the explosion, But far, far away
    * The explosion took place downtown in the height of the holliday, with all the surrounding buildings (many important press, union and governmental buildings, including the labour party) being almost empty. On a normal day thousands would have been killed and wounded. Why would terrorists choose a timing with little imapct, if they want to kill people? If this is a black-operation in order to Influence opinion, it makes sense.
    * The ground after the explosion was raised – it could not have been a car bomb
    * After less than one hour the police concluded that it was a “bomb”. How can they have determined this so quickly?
    * Oslo police anti-terrorist exercises took place 48 hours before the attack. Just like 9-11 and 7-7
    * More witnesses confirm the authorship least 2 shooters
    * Surgeons treated 16 victims – there were no completely bullets. Fragmentation bullets also make it impossible to compare ballistics, it is a way to hide the presence of numerous guns and shooters
    * Oslo Bombing could be linked to Norway’s participation in Libyan campaign – Experts
    * Left-Socialist vote on a motion to bomb Israel if they act against Hamas in Gaza.
    * Norway abandons the dollar in the oil market.
    * Anders Mathisen said the Labour Party in a newspaper that the Holocaust never happened

  4. Terry
    Jul 30, 2011

    Good job Harold. You seem to have a way with words. I for one believe that there is probably more to the story about what happened in Norwy than what we have been told. Will it come out?? probably in bits and pieces. Sort of like the death of the Presidenty of Poland. You should view the video that was taken by a Pole that was at the crash site within minutes after the plane went down. How he shows that apparently only four people were on the plane and that they were all shot to death by people that arrived before the ambulance. In fact, it took the ambulance an hour and a half to get to the crash site. There was evidence of a silent coup, and the President and his wife actually wasn’t on the plane. It is interesting what the elite will do to make us believe what actually didn’t happen. Could this sort of thing have happened in Norway? Only time will tell.

  5. germaniajim
    Jul 30, 2011

    I agree with Harold, no way he will ever see the light of day in a courthouse, He has too much to speak out and they couldn’t have him saying the J word now, can they? They will find him hanging in a cell with a fake suicide note stating he was sorry he joined the hate group white right side of neo nazism, blah , blah, blah. bs bs bs

  6. NW Native
    Jul 30, 2011

    I bet worthless paper dollars to donuts that the events in Norway was a false flag Mossad hit.
    This hit is not unlike the mass killings in Horbart Australia a few years back where a low IQ blond kid was the fall guy. Like the survivers from the shootings in Horbart the survivers on the Island shootings in Norway claimed to see more then one lone shooter.

    Lets see if I’ve got this correct. One lone blond white guy kills a bunch of white kids because he wants to save white kids and whties in general from Muslim immagraton into Norway and other NW European nations. Like HAC said we know who pulled off the OK bombing and 9/11 But don’t leave off the Bali bombing, 7/7 in London, the Madrid bombing, the neo-con backed invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and the ongoing US (read Israeli) backed NATO bombings to hell and back of Lybia. And of course it wasn’t Hottentots that tried to sink the USS Liberty in the Mediteranian in 1967.

  7. TA Easson
    Aug 01, 2011

    The points that revisionist list arethe reasons this POS decided to murder (mostly) white youth.

    He was PRO-Jewish, pro-Zion and pro-Sodomy.

    STOP trying to make out he “was one of us”. Typical yanks only hear what you want to hear.

  8. Kathleen
    Aug 01, 2011

    Here we are, trying to dig us out of the hole and replenish our numbers… only for this crackpot to go postal and set us back by dozens of young, Nordic, Lebensborn material in their birthing years. We’re not talking about an old folks home here he went berzerk on.

  9. ilios
    Aug 01, 2011


    You are pissing on the same lamp post again! By which I mean you are over compensating for the ‘conservatives’ who just don’t get it.Surely after all these years of involvement you don’t need to elaborate on your straight talking on points of ideology? If some people don’t get it,tough! The problem with the consumer society is you have to spoon feed the proles,even those we credit with above average common sense and the ability to write their name in joined up writing.
    If the NWF is a life raft,surely you don’t need to shout over and over again ‘swim to me,I will save you!’?
    Your ideological discourse on Anders Breivik needed no elaboration. He isn’t one of us.

  10. Ex Brit
    Aug 01, 2011

    I have visited Jihad Watch and they give a website to visit by someone who has read his manifesto.
    He is an agnostic who is using the term Christianity only because most Europeans are Christian. Jihad Watch is pro-Zionist trying to get Europeans to support the war against Islam. He quotes Jihad Watch 64 times, that is of course the number of squares on a chess board. However, both religions are evil and if they eliminate each other good riddence. We need to wait until we find out where he got his automatic weapon since Norway has very strick gun control. He must have got it from outside Norway possibly from Mossad.

  11. Kathleen
    Aug 02, 2011

    I like the NWF life raft analogy – simple and to the point. While ideological discourse on current events is a great way to teach the philosophies upon which the NWF is built, over-clarification can have the opposite effect by distracting us from the more practical issues. The NWF Cause cannot survive on ideology alone.

  12. germaniajim
    Aug 02, 2011

    I read that he’d been to the US for plastic surgery, It seems he had his nose done and a few other small procedures on his face, undoubtedly to hide his chosenness, heh, I just invented a jew word.

  13. Paul
    Aug 04, 2011

    In regards to 9/11. There is a documentary called missing links which documents the Israeli connection to 9/11. You can watch it for free at 911missinglinks / com

  14. ReCheck
    Aug 09, 2011

    Found this, some good points made(in my opinion)..
    and yes time might tell..

  15. ReCheck(UK)
    Aug 11, 2011

    @revisionist http://nukelies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=285 “The BNP is the only radical party in Britain – all the other parties are under the thumb of Jewish interests” Wrong, Wrong, Wrong… BNP and EDL are under jewish control, and support israel.. cuz there are the Sunday league.. if there had a brain cell between them they work that out, but SADLY not..

  16. giveaway
    Oct 18, 2011

    Very well written article

  17. Michael
    Mar 10, 2012

    Breivik had his weapon thriugh a legal permit. He was a member of Oslo shooting club where he bought both his weapons. He had his gun licensethrough that club and a permission to hunt mooses.

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