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Radio Free Northwest – July 14th 2011

In this podcast a comrade describes how he became racially aware, Axis Sally talks about the New World Order and Gretchen talks about Druids, and HAC answers e-mail and talks a little about religion.


  1. 14
    Jul 14, 2011

    Oddly I was just looking for something or Druidism. Thank you Gretchen, i’ll check that one out.

    Good closing Harold. I will die old in an Aryan homeland or young in battle creating one.

  2. Kathleen
    Jul 14, 2011

    Glad to hear another pleasant, sincere and articulate voice on the show. I can’t speak for the other listeners, but I am much more easily persuaded by a voice that I like. Attraction, charisma and appeal are powerful motivators and add credibility to what is being said. I hope to hear from Jason again, as I ALWAYS do from Axis Sally and Gretchen who I have grown so fond of. Thank you Harold for bringing these refreshing and delightful people onto the show!

  3. Steve the Elder
    Jul 14, 2011

    HAC is right.. no direct association with any other movement that can detract or sidetrack us, and I would be against any bending over to the ZOG system with 501C stuff. Been there, done that

  4. Correction
    Jul 14, 2011

    The first music break is a song by Johnny Rebel, not David Allan Coe. It’s called “Nigger hatin’ me” and can be found on the “For Segregationists Only” CD that is widely available in WN circles.

  5. Anonymous
    Jul 14, 2011

    I’m not White or American but I’ve always enjoyed your podcasts even though you use alot of racial epithets. All races should be separate, multiracialism doesn’t work. God bless America!

  6. Peter
    Jul 15, 2011

    I enjoyed Gretchen’s book report; being a Celt, I hold a fascination for the Druids. Thanks.
    You’re quite right about the necessity of having a variety of input on your show. I enjoyed this. This whole process might be too slow, but its going in the right direction. I always learn something new on these programs.

  7. WASP
    Jul 15, 2011

    this tee shirt is 100% cotton and was pick by yomama…and NO i don’t hate niggers but i got close friends that do…i can still see JESSE HELMS singing “DIXIE” to that nigger from chicago !

  8. Owen
    Jul 15, 2011

    Gretchen is a smart lady, but if she wants to do book reviews she should do them on the topic of White Nationalism. There are a number of books regarding White Nationalism that deserve a review by someone of Gretchen’s ability. I agree with the idea of having different imput on the show as long as it’s focused and that the speaker has a good radio voice. Not everyone does.

  9. Ganymede
    Jul 15, 2011

    WASP, “that nigger from chicago!” You mean Obama? Seems blacks and whites both call him black, when he is a mulatto. In this particular example of miscegenation, the polluting factor overwhelms the good half, and people see only the pollutant, which they don’t seem to recognize as a pollutant.

    And when did Helms sing “Dixie” to BO? That one bypassed me. But not Netanyahoo’s spitting on the Prez before his 29 rousing, standing ovations from the Congressional Zioids!

    Well, if you don’t hate ‘groidals, you probably were never beaten up by them, in my case three times in two big US cities. That, and hundreds of nasty verbal encounters over the decades, which they invariably initiate, will change your opinion if you were to suffer the ugly experiences! Of course, to cliche, there ARE some decent black folks, but…

  10. Chris
    Jul 15, 2011

    Intersting version of “The Highwayman”… I could swear it sounds like Capercaillie doing the background instrumentals…Although I have to admit, I do like the Willie Nelson/Waylon Jennings/Kris Kristofferson/Johnny Cash quartet version the best…

  11. WASP
    Jul 15, 2011

    GANYMEDE, Here we go sir !! 1967/68 I was robbed by them niggers in Asheville, NC…1971 in morganton, NC I took a cue stick to one,they gave me a year for that…that made me get smart and grow up quick! So i ain’t going to tell you anything else about myself, here on this spacebook..
    you might want to go back and read and study what i originally said…Harold might tell you what WASP means…Carol Moseley Braun/Brown a neo-african had been giving a Helms a hard time so he caught her on a elevator and sung “Dixie” to her…Now you sir, can call Obumer what ever you like…but he’s still a nigger !!! and no one has to hate them…they hate themselves when they look in the mirror…but you do have me scratching my head !!! how many times are you going to get beat up before you take up for yourself ??? and i think i have been blessed to know their are NO decent niggers are jews !!! hope you a wonderful live ahead…

  12. Axis Sally
    Jul 16, 2011

    If this Northwest Front “Rockwell” character does exist, I seriously doubt we’ll find him sitting on his butt as he squabbles like a little girl on some internet forum about who’s a bigger, badder, better Nazi. I imagine him as someone who spends the majority of his time working at a meaningful job; helping his wife raise a family; doing things to better his community; helping his children find meaningful hobbies and pursuits; studying the history of his race…you know, white-people stuff and not computer/tv/video game crap. There is no shortage of internet whiners; there is a serious shortage of real white men who take their lives out of the house and live like the Aryan Master Race that they are!

  13. Victor
    Jul 16, 2011

    Great Podcast! I am a proponent of having the music split up in separate parts as well. It was nice to hear from a fellow engineer, keep up the great work HAC you have the best radio show on the net!

  14. Caris Wooler
    Jul 16, 2011

    Harold, these podcasts just keep getting better and better. I especially look forward to Axis Sally every week.

  15. Angela Grady
    Jul 16, 2011

    I deeply appreciated hearing Jason from Oklahoma. These podcasts are inspiring me to to seriously consider Northwest Migration.

  16. Ganymede
    Jul 16, 2011

    WASP, didn’t mean to offend you. Sorry you got a year for defending yourself with a cuestick. Was the jury stacked with nigs? You HAVE had your share of ugly experiences with this uncivilizable race. Guess most of us have.

    If WASP doesn’t mean white anglo saxon protestant, what does it mean in your case?

    Seems ol’ Jesse Helms had a sense of humor! I’ll bet a little black cloud followed Carol Moseley Braun when she left that elevator!

    I don’t intend to get beaten up again by these predators! Last time was 20 years ago…Hard to “take up for myself” when three teenaged punks creep up from behind, hook my neck and throw me to the ground, kicking, punching! You know, just playful black male babooning! Regular stuff, all in a day’s play. ‘Spose I should be thankful they didn’t cut or shoot me, which is what my co-workers told me.

    We won’t get into the other 2 incidents.

  17. Kathleen
    Jul 16, 2011

    I think the survival of our race is an organized, disciplined and collective effort — not a saloon brawl or macho slug fest with a couple of niggers.
    I can understand that many of us have personal vendettas from having been traumatized in personal run-ins with black robbers or hooligans. But teamwork is about keeping our heads cool and methodically following carefully thought-out strategies.

  18. joe swanson
    Jul 17, 2011

    Just wanted to share my experiences with the “Gift of Diversity”. My grandmother was beaten over the head with a beer bottle by a black while entering her own apartment who took her purse. My mother had her engagement ring taken at knife point by a black and told “if you scream, I will slit your throat ear to ear” outside her mother’s apartment. My father passed over time and time again for civil service promotions in favor of blacks. Having attended a mostly black school being harassed by blacks and being called “honky, cracker, wafer, and red neck” and complaining to the jew teachers who of course did nothing. My friend and I sitting in the park and a black tried to rob us but did not succeed. My attempts to find employment when younger, with civil service (fourteen exams!) and so many years later, nothing to show. My wife’s uncle, he was originally engaged to a Chinese lady going to medical school who was raped then killed by a black. My wife, being robbed by a black. My sister’s boyfriend, robbed by three blacks. Slowly but surely, my wife and I are making some progress to escape from jew york city.

  19. Ganymede
    Jul 17, 2011

    Joe, I can relate. 25 or so years ago I took a civil service exam and scored the highest among 80 test takers. Of course, this was Washington DC and about 65 of the 80 were black. I never translated this top score into a paying job! Went to a job interview with a black interviewer who even mentioned my top score, but made sure I wouldn’t be hired, apparently. All for naught. I ended up as a courier for a Japanese company for ten months, at little higher than minimum wage.

    So you live, or try to live, in Jew York City! Or Zoo City. Needless to say, you must find a way to exit that hostile environment. I always had mucho fun visiting NYC on weekends, staying with a friend who has been there for 35 years now in the same rent-controlled apartment, but I knew in my heart I could never happily live there. The bad vibes at times were stifling! The heart of the Beast.

  20. WASP
    Jul 18, 2011

    your correct…but do think that from 1965 till 1975.. the Africans were up to about the same speed as they were 1865 till 1876…most folks don’t know/care/realize that than the neo-africans were in complete control of the south with the military rule that here to keep rebels in line…the rape and murder of white women and children was out of control, because we had no weapons,and were unable to defend our self’s…those years became so bad that white women don’t want to talk of them… thanks for reading the wasp with viking blood

  21. Ganymede
    Jul 19, 2011

    WASP, I’ve always seen a parallel between the South’s War of Northern Aggression experience and that of Germans after WW2. Both were mercilessly bombed/cannonaded and burned. Both experienced cruelties of hunger and political dispossession after the war. Cherchez les Juifs behind both historical events, controlling both Lincoln and his successor Johnson, and the Zio/Allied occupation govt of the illegitimate Bundesrepublik.

    The situation got so bad after 1865 for white Southern womanhood in terms of rape by freed negroids that a great cavalier named Nathan Bedford Forrest co-founded the KKK to protect this white womanhood from further rape, pillage and even murder by black scum. For this manly act of honor, Forrest is vilified by the stupid politically correct crowd so bent on White destruction, sometimes as badly as are the devilish aims of Noel Ignatiev!

    Instead, Harriet Beecher Stowe is held up as a heroine when she wrote a piece of filth that was diametrically opposed to Southern reality! Stowe was symptomatic of the mental disease of putting “other kind” ahead of her own kind, to pity the poor blacks thousands of miles away but never acknowledging the cruelties in her day against English boy chimney sweeps and white children toiling in crude factory systems where they might lose limbs, etc., occupations a hundred times more dangerous, and harder to perform, than picking cotton in the fields. Total hypocrisy! The liberal/Commie slop from academia today makes me puke!

  22. Faust
    Jul 21, 2011

    I think the racial awakenings are very powerful because people can relate, but I enjoyed Axis Sally’s piece the most this week. And it’s amazing how many times I run into the the Highway Man song… it’s always after someone asks about spirituality.

  23. WASP
    Jul 21, 2011

    It’s a sad time we live in….it seems to me the least said, is the best said….the more I know about people,the more i become a loner….and there was once a time working alone was easy.

  24. Karl Ketzer
    Jul 23, 2011


    I want to salute you for your respectful remarks regarding Jared Taylor and American Renaissance. Yes, everyone knows that Jared – for reasons known only to him – will not publicly talk about the role that organized Jewish political power has played in fomenting the crisis which currently besets our volk. And yet Jared Taylor really is spot-on on those topics which he chooses to address.

    I stumbled across American Renaissance in 1999, and I credit Jared Taylor with my education as a racially conscious white person. He set me on an intellectual journey which eventually led me to the writings of Kevin MacDonald and deeper understanding of the Jewish question.

    It’s like my last trip to business conference. I hired a cab to drive me to the airport, then flew in a plane, then connected with a bus for the last leg of my trip to the hotel where the conference was held. Does it make sense for me to get angry at the cabbie for not driving me the entire distance of my journey? Of course not.

    I have a hunch that much of the anonymous sniping aimed at racially conscious white thinkers is deliberately orchestrated by our traditional enemies. Its goal is to needlessly sow dissent within our ranks. The anonymous goat dancers on the internet can be dismissed, Harold. I don’t pay any attention to them whether they snipe at Jared or whether they snipe at you. In fact, I am willing to bet that almost all real WNs who tune in every week to hear you don’t care at all what anonymous malcontents on the net say about you. In other words, don’t feel like you have to spend any precious podcast time refuting the goat dancers. Just my opinion.

  25. Ganymede
    Jul 23, 2011

    I used to subscribe to the American Renaissance monthly. I let it drop because I got the feeling Jared Taylor is a bit snooty toward folks like me who have little money. He once asked his readers for their experiences with black violence and other ugly experiences, such as victimization by affirmative action, etc. so he could print them in the AR.

    I had mucho to say, apparently too much, because he skipped my account for others that involved little or no physical violence! I used no bad language, did not say the ‘N’ word, etc. Only the well-heeled and professionals among his readership got printed.

    But you’re right. Taylor is spot on about the race problem, is very articulate and committed to our race’s welfare, or lack of it, but I’ve heard it said he is a Zionist! So it’s natural he would not critique Zionism and its evil umbrella over our politicians, media, banks, academia, culture, etc. I read somewhere that the Zionist Jews do not label him an anti-Semite! They rather like him, or tolerate him as a European-derived man.

    Taylor is one strange cookie, but he is quite useful to white folks by covering only the black, mestizo and other non-white race problems. His info cannot be scientifically refuted. His ‘Color of Crime’ booklet is all one needs to prove how violent and stupid on average the black race is by nature. His book ‘Paved With Good Intentions’ is also worth a read.

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