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Weird Aryan History Redux

Hi, guys:

Okay, the last time I attempted to send out the Weird Aryan History series I had a couple of problems, not least that I was interrupted after 24 e-mails by a major computer crash, and didn’t complete the entire series of 56.

Secondly, as always happens without fail, I set a deadline and people kept running in after the deadline, after I’d already started,  and saying “Yes, yes, Harold, send me your brilliant Aryan History series!” so I had to sit down and send them the first ten or fifteen at once to get them caught up.

Thirdly, again as usual, I got virtually no response from those who did request the series, and I couldn’t tell if anyone was bothering actually to read them or not, or whether they were just adding the e-mails to their collection, which is a phenomenon which used to be restricted to publications but which now apparently occurs on the internet as well. Quantity of response to anything we do is always a major problem. So is quality of response, for that matter.

I usually have another go at Weird Aryan History in June anyway—I try to send it out every six months or so—and so I am announcing another transmission of same.

The deadline is June 18th, meaning you have four days to respond to me at nwnet@earthlink.net and order the series of 56 e-mails. If you come in after that, you miss whatever you miss. I’m not sitting here re-transmitting because you guys are too lazy to read your e-mail.