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Great RFN!

Dear HAC,

Great RFN of June 23! Axis Sally especially adds a certain cachet to these podcasts you don’t find anywhere else.

I think the difference between the political cultures of  Europe and American lies in the different histories, specifically in the 20th century. As a student of history, I’m sure you know that European revolutionary movements abounded before WW1 – indeed, their positions in the first decade of 1900  is quite similar to the current position of the Northwest Front – a few dedicated people trying to get the rest of the population to see a different way. Then the tumult of WW1 hit and while the Versailles Treaty was a horror for Germany and WW1 itself was a massive tragedy for our race, the establishment of countries like Poland,  Estonia, Latvia and Finland were beneficial and almost no one, except for a few visionaries, even in 1910 believed that they would ever be free to live within their own country – just like ‘us’. Hell, even the NSDAP started out as a few disgruntled Great War veterans and right-wing  students! The problem is always character – as you’ve mentioned.

After having lived in Europe for over 10 years, I see a major difference in the world view between Americans and Europeans – frankly Americans have it much too easy – meaning, the toys, the distractions, etc. Until something drastic happens, nothing will change. What gets me is that even the ‘election’ of a nigger didn’t wake White people up and that was drastic!

Keep up the great work!