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[Got this comment on the blog. – HAC]

HAC, we need some place to share commentary of current news articles and events. I know you’re not personally into that sort of thing, I think you have said that it takes away from the actual issues at hand and makes us just talk about “how bad things are” but sometimes spreading news is important. And amusing.


A JOOISH newspaper edited out HIllary “I still got my balls!” Clinton from a White House press release. Totally 1984 style. Something Stalin used to do with old pics of cronies he no longer liked. Even the Jooz are turning on their own puppets now. If their arrogant heads get any larger, they’re going to implode into black holes!


Well, guys, if you don’t mind going back in time a bit, technologically speaking, we do have the old Truth Commission Yahoo group founded by J.D. Grier in its original incarnation about ten years ago, although Yahoo used to knock it offline every week or so and I had to keep re-establishing it, so right now the version that’s online is about five years old.

That’s for general political and racial discussion. There is also a special Yahoo group for Northwes-relatedt commentary called Northwest Freedom, but once I put a stop to off-topic spams, we never got much use from it.

I’m not sure why Yahoo groups have fallen out of favor; they are simple to set up and incredibly easy to use. Now the coming thing is blog comments sections and phpp and VBulletin boards, but I personally do not at all mind moderating a Yahoo group.

Or maybe that was another reason our Yahoo Groups fell out of use–I do moderate them, and I don’t allow lunatics and Jews and Goat Dancers. Anyway, they’re still there:



Check ’em out.


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