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Religious Scream Session Thread

Hi, guys:

For many years, roughly once every year or 14 months or so, I would let the Christians and the anti-Christians scream abuse at each other for a week or two on one of the Yahoo groups, after which I would resume my policy of editing or rejecting posts that wanted to stir religious..uh…”controversy.”

Probably the worst outburst of this kind of thing directed against me or my work came after Hill of the Ravens, when I had a couple of favorable Wiccan characters and not only Christians but anti-Christians objected. Jeez, you would’ve thought I’d pissed in the punch bowl on that one!

A surprising number of people seem to be upset over Axis Sally’s favorable reference to Christianity in her cut this week on RFN. Do we need to have a scream session to let everybody get it out of their system? Actually, that seems to work fairly well–I can’t remember anybody of any significance who’s actually quit and left after one of these blowouts.

Tell you what, let’s use the comments thread on this post for a religious scream session, if needed. Suggest everybody use pseudonyms so none of the bad cess will carry over into actual meetings and NF-related stuff.