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“Circassian” Is Speidel Sock Puppet


It appears “Circassian” is another Scott David Speidel sock puppet. See [link redacted.]

-S. R.


  1. Dread_Lord
    Apr 21, 2011

    By the way, it may very well be that the people writing under these names are doing it to intentionally defame you and get you to post false information which will, without a doubt, end up on some blog somewhere in an attempt to defame you.

    The retards are already claiming such things over your “don’t screw around” post. As usual it’s the same small band of retards doing it.

  2. Aaron
    Apr 22, 2011

    I was about to make light and laugh “Who has time for these nutty forum sopap operas?” but I guess poor Harold is forced to deal with it. I gets wisps of names floating around here of ?vendettas? and grudge wars concerning sites I think oI’ve heard of but don’t really know much about, especailly since this is kinda my one stop-shop for news on the subject. So I have to ask the seniors here a no-b.s. question: Do I really need to know who these people are? Ever now and then here I catch a snippet about this name or that name being one thing or the other… Can anyone tell me if I really have to follow this stuff, or am I better off not trying. I honestly don’t feel like I have time to keep up on whatever the heck these personalities are doing. The only one here I really recognize by name is Colonel House, just because he had all the nice videos on Youtube.

  3. Harold
    Apr 22, 2011

    Unfortunately, there is now a systematic campaign to create confusion and demoralization among us on the internet, and experience shows that after a certain point is reached, simply ignoring it is NOT the way to go. One of the reasons my “reputation is so bad in the Movement” (the Goat Dancers’ terminology) is that in the past I was a “big man” about all this and didn’t respond, with the result that untrue and defamatory crap was allowed to let stand and take root and fester.

    I wish to hell that gibberish like this wasn’t part and parcel of our Movement. Unfortunately, it is, and we need to accept it like cowboys of old learned to accept saddle sores and rattlesnakes out on the range.

  4. Aaron
    Apr 22, 2011

    Thanks for the insight and prompt, personal answer. I doubt that I’ll ever really have time to be clued in on the particulars, but put that way, I guess It’s a bigger problem than I thought. As for the festering crap, take heart in knowing that all but the most hateful of gossip consumers tire easily of stale re-runs and old tripe. If it’s not new or legend worthy, people are quick to throw out last weeks tabloids, which works to the advantage of the subject who can deliberately distract them with something new to talk about. From what I gather, some of it is genuine animosity and the other part is what I think used to be called PsyOps, the former being sadder but perhaps not as troublesome as the latter. I guess it’s hard to avoid personalities and politics when there are recognized names and donations involved. And I imagine that its as easy for the observers as it is for the personalities to confuse ad hominem attacks with actual estimations of merit in plans or acheivements. It reminds me that smear campaigns don’t have to have substance or even be true to work for the enemy. When I try to think of solutions, all I can think of is ‘shout louder,’ create a benefit so unique that it out-shines the pettier discussions, and that maybe counter-attack is necessary, even if it is a contemptible draw on focus and energy.

    On the bright side, if critics are attacking Harold as the lightning rod as a single person, (which I guess is the curse of a great resumé) it creates an enormous blind spot in the enemy’s focus. The no-names can work without attention, and if the next generation of NWF doesn’t establish such radiant singular names and personalities, the critics wont have a shining track record or name to attach to, which makes ad hominems difficult. It then becomes a lot more difficult to attack the merits of a plan that is already in effect and working. The majority of attacks on WN groups that I have seen from zog outlets have been increasingly convoluted indictments based on tenuous associations to a point of absurdity that demands complete ignorance about the movements by outsiders to even be remotely coherent. However, another bright side is that there have been many movements with leaders maligned terribly by their critics that succeeded nonetheless simply because at the end of the day, everyone could see that they delivered.

    I would submit this, though: anyone who is spending that much time on discussing why something might not work or what one proven individuals quirks are clearly have no instinctive focus on acheiving actual progress beyond buying or selling bumper stickers and T-shirts that reflect an opinion rather than an actual mission. The good news is that we live in times where there are so many disaffected whites that we don’t have to win the hearts and minds of such sedentary self-satisfied characters. There is a sea of fresh new minds looking for an answer. We can fish in unclaimed waters, as it were. And one of the beauties, I think, of the NWF is that for the average Joe, you can strip away the politics, the agenda, the discussions and the various century old connotations any WN movement has had of 40’s Germany and 60’s Dixie, and boil that answer they seek down to one proposition “Your Neighborhood or Ours?”

  5. Dread_Lord
    Apr 23, 2011

    I recently had another discussion with Spiedel on Stormfront.

    He was doing his usual thing accusing Harold of tons of stuff, and I pointed out that he had absolutely no evidence of nearly all of those claims. They were just claims and when you asked for evidence he would link to his own blog, quoting himself as a source. Real classy.

    My entire point, however, was that this guy had no evidence whatsoever for his claims. Even the stuff that is true he has no evidence. For example the Benny Klassen obituary/ But the point is, Spiedel never tried to even prove that it was true.

    In the end some no name 22 post guy shows up claiming that he agrees with Spiedel.
    He says Covington was campaigning on Yahoo, which may or may not be true, and I told him to post a link or screenshot and he never replied back.

    He did, however, claim that I was a Harold Covington sock puppet. In fact, so did Spiedel. Spiedel claimed, on his blog, that I was a Covington sock puppet.This was in September of last year but I only just noticed it.

    In response I made a voice recording showing that I was not a Covington sock puppet.
    Neither has replied since and today, for whatever reason, Stormfront seems to have deleted the entire thread.

    I believe this is a good thing because these guys have shown no evidence of their claims. In fact I suggested, towards the end, that he should be removed from the forum if he could not prove his claim. I am, however, uncertain why they deleted it. They could have just as easily deleted it because he was lying or because he was proven to be lying multiple times.

    Oh well, just another day in counter trolling.

  6. Harold
    Apr 29, 2011

    Speidel seems to have vanished from the internet since he was publicly ID’ed.

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