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Now, This Is Just Silly

From Colonel House:

I have been receiving YouTube “friend requests” from Islamic Jihadists with very short-lived accounts for the past month or so. I’ve been blocking their views and comments after rudimentary research into their Google accounts. My instinct is that these are Feds or Jews trying to tie the NF into some kind of conspiracy dreamed up by a not-so-bright agent or station chief.


They do this periodically. A couple of years ago, some FBI and DHS droids were going the rounds of some of our guys in prison, trying to get them to admit to some kind of general connection between White Nationalism and Islam in exchange for time off their sentences. Since there is no such connection and never has been, and by the racial nature of things could not be such a connection, this will require some really bizarre stretches which so far have been even beyond the threshold of silliness of our beloved government.

The mysteriously appearing links the Colonel describes sound more like Jews trying to create such an alleged link, which the secret police and their subcontracting NGOs like the SPLC can then miraculously “discover,” like they “discovered” Kevin William Harpham’s 1,000 e-mails on VNN.