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Straight Out of “The Brigade”

I seem to have an unfortunate gift of prophecy.



  1. MVSN
    Jan 07, 2011

    Yet another nigger gets away with raping a beautiful Aryan girl. God Bless America!

    Fuck this country.

  2. PowerForGood
    Jan 07, 2011

    Yes, but as I recall… there was a bit of sweet justice administered in the Novel. The fact that nothing more will probably come of this is damning evidence of the low point that most of our people have reached. And that idiot coach thinks this vindicates them somehow… what a friggin idiot! I wouldn’t let him in the homeland (if it is ever established) if he begged me, that traitor. And I agree with MVSN about the country. 14 words is not just a slogan, it is an essential goal. Count me in for obtaining that goal. I already live here in the homeland and I for one protect my own around here.

  3. Brent
    Jan 08, 2011

    Hang them both from the goal post.

  4. barry
    Jan 10, 2011

    Isn’t it sweet that the school & media were so sensitive to the privacy needs of the black rapist?
    Yet, observe how the falsely accused Duke La Crosse players were treated by the authorities & jewsmedia?
    Totally different! Their identities were all over the news, & they were tried & convicted in the media before detectives could even complete their investigations, with no forensic evidence, no impartial witnesses, just the word of of one lying nigga ho with a police record. A nigga ho who got away with her perjury. Had the case gone to trial, it would have been nearly impossible to have a fair trial with an impartial jury, and the ho could have had the pleasure of ruining multiple white lives by making one false police report.
    Not only does this jig at ND get to skate on the rape charges, but he gets to remain on the team & keep his scholarship so he can have a good future provided by white people and easy access to more white chicks without the stigma of past rape accusations hanging over his head. It is a sad shame that the white players are such vile, low-down creatures that they would play with a nigger who rapes white girls on their team, and that goes for the sack of s#@t coach, also.

  5. Desert Eagle
    Jan 10, 2011

    What do you expect from a bunch of roid-raging niggers? And they have “Irish” plastered all over them… oh for fuck sake. And the poor bastards don’t even realize they’re being horse-traded like animals to fill a jew’s pocket. Almost unbelievable if you weren’t actually alive today to see it first hand.

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