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The “sendspace” files referred to in the previous post were removed without the author’s permission within 24 hours of the post appearing. This confirms that this blog is being monitored by one of the many self-appointed censors of the internet, almost certainly a Jew, who takes it upon himself to dictate to others what they may publish, what they may read or see, and what they may think. I was pretty sure that was the case, but I had to make sure.

No doubt he immediately went cyber-running to Sendspace.com as fast as his bandy little cyber-legs could carry him, but hey, c’est la guerre. If people like this kike didn’t exist, there would be no need for me to do what I do.

So we will use alternate means to advertise our materials. Needless to say, hundreds of copies of the two advertised videos (as well as the famous NVA Attacks video) have already been distributed, and most of them are probably being uploaded to many, many YouTube channels even as we speak.

We’re going to win this one, my little Hebraic friend. Many, many, many people are going to see those videos and think all kinds of forbidden thoughts.