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Arizona Jew-Shooting

Hi, guys:

In view of the contents of one section of my Radio Free Northwest broadcast for January 6th, there is some possibility that the regime may try somehow to cast the blame on Your Friend and Humble Narrator for yesterday’s plugging of a Jew Congresswoman and a federal judge in Arizona. I don’t think so; I think they’re after bigger game, and they will try to hang this (with equal inaccuracy) on the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, or Glenn Beck. It is possible, though, that I will be getting a visit from the regime’s secret police as well, if only to try and rattle my cage.

For the record, I have no idea who Jared Loughner is, but I cannot swear to anyone that he is not among my weekly 3,000 or so listeners to RFN. Unlike the Tea Party idiots or no doubt Limbaugh in tomorrow’s show, I have no intention of trying to walk back or retract anything I have said, other than the simple statement of fact that I do not know this man and I am not responsible for any moral decisions he may or may not have made.

You guys will remember I have described such a possible scenario of events before, wherein the regime attempts to establish a connection between me and the actions of someone I’ve never heard of. If they can’t succeed in establishing a Tea Party or Limbaugh or Beck connection, they may be content with lesser game.

Whenever this kind of thing happens (as it will no doubt happen again in the future) everyone needs to make their own premises raid-ready and make sure that there is nothing in your house or on your property that shouldn’t be there. If they are going to arrest people for opposing the regime, make the sons of bitches plant or fabricate the evidence from the get-go.


P.S.: Latest news is they’re apparently trying to pin this on Jared Taylor at American Renaissance, of all people, calling him “anti-semetic” (sic). Oh, for crying out loud! Jared Taylor has rabbis to speak at his conferences and he is supposedly married to a Jew, although I have never seen any documentation on that last.