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Building Beaver Cleaverville?

[This is the lead article from Northwest Observer #103, February 2011] I have never denied that my vision for the Northwest Homeland is not the only one. There are other visions, all of which contain much that is worthy and much that I agree with, and one of which may well turn out to be […]

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Greg Johnson’s New Book

Members of the Counter-Currents mailing list get first dibs on the remaining copies of the limited edition of 100 signed and numbered hardcover copies. Just click here:

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I got really caught up in some other stuff, including novel #5, and I let this blog slip for a while. There also seems to be a falling-off of interest due to our usual Winter Doldrums season. Will try to get caught up.

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Radio Free Northwest – January 27th 2011

In this podcast Mr. Covington talks about the Spokane “bomb” which was possibly planted by the FBI itself, talks about the use of the term Aryan, and tells us why secession is the only way to implement the 14 Words of David Lane.

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New NVA Video

Hi, guys: This video was put together by a 17 year-old comrade in Glasgow, Scotland. Just goes to show the Northwest ideal is percolating world-wide. -HAC

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For Rachel Maddow Viewers

Greetings to our latest crop of website visitors due to Rachel Maddow’s increasingly eccentric obsession with the Northwest Front. You might want to check out our other sites, especially my personal blog at

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Spokane Bomb #2

I suppose I should say something about the bomb allegedly found by “sharp-eyed city workers” along the route of the Martin Lucifer Koon parade in Spokane on Monday. Frankly, I think it’s an FBI hoax. I think that having failed to use the Arizona Jew and Judge shootings to discredit Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck […]

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“That Video” Back On Line

Many thanks to Primordial Mike for returning our infamous NVA video to YouTube. (The one that has all the kikes at YT tearing their hair, trying to rip it down wherever it shows up.)

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More Resources on Northwest Independence

Greetings to all our new readers, courtesy of Rachel Maddow.  For more information on the Northwest Independence movement, check out: WEB SITES AND BLOGS DISCUSSION GROUPS

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Radio Free Northwest – January 20th, 2011

In this podcast Mr. Covington talks about the Movement phenomenon of “running away to join the circus” and discusses local organizing for the NF.

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