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We Will Create a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.

Radio Free Northwest – December 9th 2010

In this podcast HAC advises on how minors can deal with parental objections to their racial internet viewing, talks about private property rights in the Northwest American Republic, and talks about White people’s deliberate and willful refusal to understand.


  1. Marius
    Dec 09, 2010

    Good theory about NS economics principles. I feel better now, because I’s allergic to anything associated with the word “socialism” due to my previous life experiences.

  2. Brent
    Dec 23, 2010

    Honestly Harold, I can not believe that people are telling you to be more positive and what not. Seriously, considering where we’re at and what needs to be done we should be talking nothing but business. If you want to hear feel-good talk then go fucking listen to Tony Robbins or something.

  3. Northman
    Apr 08, 2013

    You ask what you can do? Why the hell do you not have an Modern morally political party?
    Same with the Great person Jared Taylor, Bob Whitaker, you Of course and many, many more. Why do not you create an political party that our number one priority is Our race.

    I CANT see how we will be totally eradicated if this is done. Just do it.

    In Sweden We follow this 10 points:

    1, Sweden will continue to be Swedish: Only people belonging to the western genetic and cultural heritage, where the ethnic Swedes included, must be Swedish citizens.

    2, Sweden shall be governed by the Swedes: Non-Swedes should not be allowed to have positions of power within the Swedish society.

    3, Sweden must be controlled for the Swedes: All policy decisions should be based on what is best for ethnic Swedes interests.

    4, Sweden should be controlled in the most expedient manner possible: State apparatus shall be headed by a modern system of government as efficiently as possible benefits the Swedes. State The condition must be based on competence and responsibility, the task should always be to serve the people, not vice versa. The governing system’s motto should be improvement, development and all the people.

    5, Sweden has an actual autonomy: Happy to work with other countries, but no agreement whereby supranational accepted.

    6, Sweden must be a safe country to live in: Security, both individual and economic, will be one of society’s foundation.

    7, freedom of opinion and expression: All questions must be free to discuss in Sweden, the research shall be free and restriction of privacy by government oversight of non-criminal citizens should not be allowed.

    8, The Swedes will take the Swedish resources: Significant Swedish natural resources and public utilities will be owned by the Swedish people, which means that all profits from such business will return to the people and not to foreign or private interests.

    9, People’s Community and social justice will permeate society: Klas Fragmentation is replaced by class community where all people creative and productive efforts are highly valued and no social group is allowed to progress at the expense of someone else.

    10, Sweden will have a strong environmental and animal welfare. Sweden has a unique nature that is worth protecting and preserving. Food and other activities where livestock are to be ethically sound.

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