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Radio Free Northwest – December 30th 2010

A special end of the year, two-hour all-music special from Radio Free Northwest. WARNING: this is a very large file, and it will take a long time to download.


  1. Circassian
    Dec 29, 2010

    Hey Harold,

    If you don’t mind me asking, why do you gravitate so much towards British music, as opposed to American music? You are an American, aren’t you?

    If you want to wake up warrior spirit with your music in White folks that became effeminate, the British music is not perhaps the best choice. Brits are and have always been bad warriors to begin with, and as such they couldn’t create music appealing to warriors.

    May I suggest to your attention music by White people who are and have always been good warriors, like Chechens and Circassians. Here are few samples for your consideration:

    1. Chechnya, the Land of the Brave


    2. From the Gone to Yet to Come


    3. We were Born Circassians


    4. Adiga Rap


    Happy New Year to you, Harold, and all your listeners.

  2. Mark Thomas
    Dec 29, 2010

    Would be best if these podcasts were maybe 10 minutes tops-without any music. Even the Irish intro takes too much of this busy White man’s time! I’m trying to get away from the computer, not add to it.

  3. Marius
    Dec 30, 2010

    Dear Mr. Circassian,
    This is a white nationalist community, let me put it this way so you can understand better : WHITE, not American, British or what have you.
    Also I don’t think that we have room here for rap music of any kind.
    Happy New Year to you !
    BTW Harold, what is NWF position toward arabs and islam in general ? I know that we have a common enemy.

  4. Circassian
    Dec 30, 2010

    I know that we have a common enemy.

    Dear Mr Marius,

    I am not sure that you have complete understanding the profound importance and the implications of your statement above. I just wanted to pronounce explicitly who that common enemy is – the international Jewry.

    Btw, no offence intended, but Circassians are WHITER in every sense of that word than you ever could be.

  5. Roman
    Dec 30, 2010

    @Mark Thomas
    Well, since the podcast is digital, you can listen to it anywhere! I do it often in the car, from USB stick, or from the phone with headphones. Where I live in Poland, I spend at least an hour a day in the car, so podcasts are just great to fill this time with something useful. I also don’t listen to the radio, have a lot of nice music courtesy of Colonel House and The Pirate Bay. We have a lot of good racial music in Europe, check Von Thronstahl or Der Blutharsch.
    Happy New Year to all White folks out there!

  6. Terry Phillips
    Dec 30, 2010

    Marius, greetings, Kinsman.

    ‘The Hill of the Ravens’ will answer your question concerning arabs and muzzieism.

    Arabs are not white so they have no place in the Homeland. But, they are one of the few peoples who will fight, FIGHT, the jews tooth, fang, and claw. As Bloody Dave says in the book (paraphrase), ‘I’ve always had a lot of time for the Palestinians.’ He had ‘that time’ for the Pallys because they DO fight the jews, not just talk.

    There is no reason the Homeland can’t have non-white allies. The enemy of my enemy & all that. But, by the same token, they don’t belong among us.

    Muzzies killing jews in Muzzie land. Cool.
    Muzzies killing jews in jew land. Cool.

    The Muzzies, however, ain’t us. I am a great fan of the Muzzies as long as they are killing jews, and as long as they are not in the white homelands. Then, they become enemy.

  7. Chris
    Dec 31, 2010


    Islam is a manifestation of a culture and gene-pool that is glaringly non-white. Idealogically, Islam espouses racial unitarianism through the medium of misegenation, and the elimination of all free thought, speech, and action, save that which is approved by a small ruling theocracy. I certainly can’t prove it, but there is something awefully jewish about the idea of the global calyphate… Maybe because Islam and Judaism have common Abrahamic origins? Speculation.

    Whatever the case, I certainly do not speak for the NF; this is just my own personal feeling on the matter. I’m aware that there are, in fact, white Muslims. Bosnians, Cypriots, some Iranians, some Turks, various Caucasus nations — all contain populations, many of whom are racially white, but adhere to Islamic faith and culture. Does their religion disqualify their obvious genetic heritage? It’s a helluva tough one… I guess my own policy would be “Lose the Burqa and Quran, have slice of Canadian bacon, or kindly take it somewhere else.” 🙂

  8. kennewick man
    Dec 31, 2010

    Mark, if you spend time driving, you might be able to download the mp3’s and either put them on an mp3 player or burn them on a cd (some players will play mp3 from a cd, otherwise you would have to convert to .wav and burn that to a cd. If it’s of interest I could either point you to simple instructions or write some out.) and listen while you drive.

    I’m listening to this on my laptop while I do some plumbing work this morning.

  9. jack ryan
    Jan 01, 2011

    Terry Phillips says:

    “The Muzzies, however, ain’t us. I am a great fan of the Muzzies as long as they are killing jews, and as long as they are not in the white homelands. Then, they become enemy.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Very well said. And all should understand the reality that the Jew has lived, and flourished in Arab/Turk Muslim nations up until the foundation of Israel in 1948 and in Turkey – the Jews still flourish there.

    Jews have always worked to take the Arab/Turk Muslim side against Whites in Europe and they still do today and crazy as it sounds, mainstream Jewish power in the United States of America works to end any restriction on Muslim immigration in to the USA – Bloomberg and the Jews support the Ground Zero Mosque celebrating 9/11/01. Jews hate our White people so much that they insist on flooding Europe, UK, Australia, USA, Canada with NW Muslims. The Labor councilor candidate that defeated the BNP in a remaining White working class area of London was Jewish, she put on a Muslim scarf and openly campaigned in an English mosque.

    WN from Rockwell on have at times fantasized about alliances with NW Muslims – NOI, Malcolm X etc. The reality is that the Islam accepts all non Whites – everyone including Mike Tyson and Idi Amin.

    When we Whites oppose the NW Muslim invasion of White countries, White communities we are also fighting one of the worst parts of the Jew’s genocidal program against our people.

    Muslims have plenty of NW Muslim countries of their own – Algeria, which was White French/European up through the early 1960s. NW Muslims should go to Algeria or any of the countries that end in “Stan” – most filthy, backward, terrible countries that Whites can’t live in.

    Again – we are not on the Jew side or on the NW Muslim side.

    We’re on the White side.

    14 Words

  10. Mike
    Jan 01, 2011

    The above comments give me concerns. Genetics clearly show that Arabs, the modern Caucus region inhabitants, those that call themselves Judeans (Jews), North American Indians, and much of South America all share common blood. The christian identist will tell you that this is because they are all descendants of Cain. I personally tend to agree. As for the above call that those in the Caucusus are white, well…YOU ARE WRONG. I have lived in Russia for some time in the past, and these peoples are absolutely hook nosed kikes..Indeed, Russian nationalists fight to rid Russia of these peoples. THESE PEOPLES ARE NOT THE CAUCASIONS OF OLD……WHO ARE THE WHITE EUROPEANS. In my opinion it is clear that when a white cause makes concessions on this issue…it fails.

  11. Circassian
    Jan 02, 2011


    Please don’t make this more complicated and confusing than necessary. In a nutshell here is what’s important:

    1. White people of all religious affiliations and Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds are two most lethal enemies of the jews.

    2. Therefore, It is absolutely natural for the jews to want to use Whites to destroy Islam, and to use Muslims to annihilate the White race.

    3. That’s why jews want to have as much Muslims as possible in White lands, on one hand, and that’s why they want to have Whites waging wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and shortly in Iran, on the other hand.

    4. The flood of Muslims, and non-Whites in general, into the White lands cannot be prevented until the jewish control of the West is brought down.

    5. With the jews in control, countries with predominantly Muslim populations cannot hope that Whites will stop waging jew incited wars against them, even though these wars are against the genuine interests of Whites.

    6. Therefore the absolutely necessary conclusion from all of the above is very simple one: Whites and Muslims are the most natural allies against their common enemy – the jews.

    7. Whites and Muslims are both gentiles, and as such they are competitors – not mortal enemies. They don’t have to mix with each other, in fact, not mixing with each other should be something equally desirable by both sides. That’s the only way both civilizations can preserve their cultures and heritage.

    8. With the jew gone, there is a real chance that Whites and Muslims can sort out their differences and address their grievances in more or less peaceful manner in the absence of the jews, who have been trying to prevent just that all this time.

    I am a Circassian, i.e. I am White and Muslim at the same time. Nevertheless, I do not support Muslim immigration, including my tribesmen, into the White lands because I know all too well that jews are promoting Muslim immigration in order to provoke White backlash against the flood of Muslim immigrants, and, in turn, that would justify the wars against Muslim countries in the eyes of the majority of brainwashed Whites.

  12. Marius
    Jan 02, 2011

    Dear Mr. Circassian,
    You pointed very well about our common enemy.
    But I disagree on the fact that the Chechens and the Circassiand are white caucasians.
    Long time ago I did some business with people from Chechnia and Daghestan and I have first hand experience, and I can affirm that there are big difference between us. However, they were good people, a bit too fanatics and crazy (some of them went to fight in Bosnia and they never returned).
    Facts like the muslim invasion of Europe and the blowing of the christian church in Egypt yesterday are not what we would like to see.
    I believe that right now the interantional jews are pushing hard for a war between the christians and muslims and we should take any action possible to avoid such conflict.
    I’m thinking that we have to enter into a “live and let live” agreement and concentrate on our common enemy.
    On the other hand I don’t like rap music, this is one of most disgusting form of artistic degradation known to the humans.
    Right now the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is playing Radetzky March… what a difference !

  13. Colonel House
    Jan 02, 2011

    I absolutely agree. When anyone mentions “Caucasions” when describing the White race, I cringe. Archeological, genetic, etymological, and other scientific evidence points to the fact that the White race did not originate in the Caucasus Mountains, and in fact dwelt in that region for a very short time. “Aryans” is probably the most correct terminology to use, much to the dismay of Yid authors and publishing houses. Inherently knowing the superiority of their bloodlines, ancient Whites never named themselves other than the term “The Race” in their native tongues. With a thousand names to choose from, I choose “Aryan”.

  14. Matt
    Jan 02, 2011

    I actually listened to everything except for Skrewdriver. The Irish and Scottish stuff was pretty badass!

  15. Ken
    Jan 03, 2011

    To me, an ARYAN/ISRAELITE is supposed to have freedom of thought because we are bonded by something much more real and greater, BLOOD. If we are not bonded by blood (as the Jew desires) then we must be bonded by a mental ideology of enslavement that will force people to be together.

    We either bond by physical blood or a man created religious/political ideology (usually a Jew created ideology/deception that they can then infiltrate and run). Its one or the other. We either have a PHYSICAL bond or we have an IDEOLOGICAL bond. Communism, for instance, seeks to replace that PHYSICAL bond with an IDEOLOGICAL bond and so do Judeo-religions or any other non-physical political ideologies (such as Jew Capitalism or Democrats or Republicans).

    We can only have 2 types of societies

    1. A Society based on shared Blood and we are free to have ANY intellectual views/freedoms we desire BUT we are not allowed to mix our blood and have sex with non-Aryans because Blood bonds us

    2. A Society based on shared ideology and we are free to have sex or mix our blood with anyone BUT we cannot be allowed to have free intellectual views because a non-physical ideology is what bonds us.

    That is it my Aryan/Israelite Brothers/Sisters; we are either bonded by Physical Blood or a Non Physical Ideology of Mind Enslavement. Do you want freedom to think what you want or freedom to fuck who you want?


    Ps. After reading a comment above, I find impossible that if someone does not even understand the meaning of “GENTILE”, how they can then understand anything in the Old or New Testament. It is pretty sad when people just repeat JEW PROPAGANDA about what GENTILE means like they do with SEMITE. In short, Gentile means RACIAL KINSMEN or MALE RELATIVE to Jesus and our Israelite brethren of old. If someone is still under the delusion that Jesus or Israelites are Jewish, then they have much more learning/study before them.

    GEN = race, kind, kinsman
    TILE = roof of house, covering, protection

    Jesus the Kinsman Redeemer who spoke to his GEN-TILE brethren, where the prefix “GEN” means “race” or “kind” or “kinsman”, while the suffix “TILE” means covering or to protect from intrusion. Put them together and you get “race under covering/protection” or a unique “racial family”. In no way does Gentile mean non-Jew but rather a particular race; the Adamic/Israelite/Caucasoid Race.

    Prefix “GEN” examples:

    1. Genarch : GEN arch (jen’ ark) n.
    Head of family; tribe, or race

    2. Gender : GEN der (jen’ der) n.
    Kind; sort; sex – masculine, feminine, neuter

    3. Genitals : GEN itals (jen’ i tals) n.
    The reproductive organs

    4. Genealogy : GEN ealogy (jee nee al’ o jee) n.
    The study of family lines; pedigree

    5. Gene : GEN e (jene) n.
    One of the elements in hereditary development

    6. Generic : GEN eric (je ner’ ik) adj.
    Belonging to race or kind; as, a generic name

    7. Genesis : GEN esis (jen’ e sis) n.
    Development into being

    8. Genetics : GEN etics (je net’ iks) n.
    The study of heredity

    9. Genre : GEN re (zhan’ re) n.
    A species; a kind; a type

    10. Genus : GEN us (jene’ us) n.
    Stock; category; classification

    In the Bible, this particular GENTILE race is described by exact PATERNAL genealogy (not Jew Maternal genealogy) from Adam all the way to Judah in the Old Testament and then continues down to Jesus in the New Testament. The New Book of our Holy “Family” Bible shall be from Jesus to you and I, the European/Caucasoid White GENTILE people of today.

    A summary of today’s non-physical ideologies:

    – Judeo-Communism: Seeks to abolish the concept of God’s unique races for World Wide Control
    – Judeo-Christianity: Seeks to abolish the concept of God’s unique races for World Wide Control
    – Judeo-Talmudism: Seeks to abolish the concept of God’s unique races (non-“Jews”) for World Wide Control
    – Judeo-Islam: Seeks to abolish the concept of God’s unique races for World Wide Control


  16. Circassian
    Jan 03, 2011


    You are making very good points – I agree with most of them.

    Whether you consider the small North Caucasian tribes as Whites or not is really not that important. We have a mutual understanding who the common enemy is and what should be done about that – that’s what important.

    I definitely agree with you there are significant differences between European Whites and the Caucasians per se. Just like there are significant differences between Western European Whites and Slavs. We all know that Hitler even went as far as to claim that Russians are inferior to Germans.

    If believing that you are a ‘higher’ race makes you feel better about yourselves – I have no problem with that. My people do not suffer from inferiority complex.

    During the night of Jun 11, 1812, Napoleon’s army, without a declaration of war, crossed the Russian border at the Neman river. On Dec 21, 1812, Field Marshal Kutuzov issued an order to the army congratulating the troops for driving the enemy out of Russia and calling on them to “finish the defeat of the enemy on enemy fields”, i.e. it took Russians just few months to defeat Napoleon’s Grande ArmĂ©e.

    On Jun 22, 1941, Hitler’s army invaded Soviet Union in violation of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggresion Pact. Adolf Hitler committed suicide by gunshot and cyanide poisoning on Apr 30, 1945, in Berlin, i.e. it took Russians less than 4 years to obliterate the greatest ever war machine in the entire History of the Mankind.

    The Circassians never invaded Russia, but just the last and decisive stage of the Russian Empire’s drive to destroy the oldest civilization in the North-West of Caucasus took 101 years:


    We have many and good reasons to be angry at the Russians, but we are not. Let bygones be bygones. We are willing to fight the common enemy of all gentiles, i.e. the jews, alongside with the Russians as well as with all other White nations.

    P.S. Many thanks to Harold for making this dialogue possible.

  17. Jay
    Apr 18, 2011

    This is one of the best music podcasts I have heard. For those of you that want to complain about this music, well, you have your opinion and I have mine. I like it. I love it. That’s my opinion, you’re free to have yours, but it doesn’t mean that you’re right. HAC picked this music because it represents all of us white people, northern Eurpoeans, whatever you wanna call us. To blasphemy any of us is blasphemy and to condemn HAC for picking this music. He did it for all of us. And if you’re not part of us, then you’re not with us. PERIOD. We’re either with each other, or we’re not. We can’t all have differences; the niggers, the spicks, the jews, they’re all together. They’re racially cohesive. But when it comes to whites, we can’t do that because it’s “racist.” WTF is up with that? Why can’t/won’t white people have some identity? Because “they” think it’s racist? Or because we’re too scared of being called a racist?

    Screw it, if they can identify with their own race, then so can we. And so will we. If people wanna get together with others of their own race, then so will white people. They’re doing it, so it’s only fair if white people do it too. Fair is fair, right?

    Freedom comes from the sword.

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