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Radio Free Northwest – December 2nd 2010

This week Mr. C. gives us an extended update on the Edgar Steele case, then goes on to talk about volcanoes and science in the Northwest American Republic.


  1. Jonathan
    Dec 01, 2010

    What do you think about Wikileaks’ release of classified cables, HAC?

  2. Dean Kennedy
    Dec 01, 2010


    I loved hearing the St. Olaf choir singing A Mighty Fortress. Even though I don’t believe that Jesus Christ was a historical character doesn’t negate the culture that arose out of Christianity and the basis of Christian morality as opposed to parasitic Talmudic Judaism.

    The music of the West is light years beyond the music of any other culture. As you well know even the so-called Negro spiritual is based on old Celtic tunes learned on the plantations and the modern forms of American black music is melodically and harmonically Western. The African Negro “music” without Western influence is nothing but primitive chanting on 2 or 3 pitches with some rather simple rhythms.

    Like the Negro, young NE Asian musicians who Americans like to lolly gag
    over, have breathed in huge drafts of Aryan invention and creativity.
    The piano and instruments of the orchestra created by Western man is for the most part so far advanced over the instruments other cultures as make comparisons idiotic. The only instrument that even comes close to Western instruments is the Indian Sitar and I’m not so sure that it wasn’t the creation of the Aryan while in India.

    These western instruments has given rise to the giants of western composition. (Kind of like which came first the composer or the instrument. Maybe they grew up together.) Even the great composers of South America were/are European. Well, I could go on forever extolling the joys of classical Western music and of all the arts it’s this music that sets the white man on a higher level. A spiritual plane if you will.

    This gets us back to the St. Olaf choir or any High School or college choir for that matter. Those voices. The sounds. With very few exceptions those are the voices of White kids singing Western music accompanied with instruments of the Orchestra invented and created by White people. Maybe that was what Wilmot Robertson was getting at when he said that if the White man were to become extinct (I’m paraphrasing now) there would be this great silence

    in the world. The NW Imperative is to see that doesn’t happen.

    Harold, you may want to edit this for inclusion in thought crime if you think it’s OK for that.

    Dean the NW Native

  3. Terry Phillips
    Dec 01, 2010

    Very well said, Dean. Thanks for putting this out there. Some of our own people aren’t aware of some of your points.

  4. Marius
    Dec 01, 2010

    A short comment about the unconventional scientific researches. I hope that you heard about the “Project Huemul” in which, after the WWll, argentinian president Juan Peron wasted hundreds of millions trying to produce energy out of nuclear fusion.

  5. Tony Hancock
    Dec 02, 2010

    I think your correspondent may have been referring to the Yellowstone ‘Super Volcano’ which could blow in the next 50.000 years that would cause a global winter for 3-4 years the survivors unless well stocked up will be harpooning seals off ice floes in the North Pacific

    On a positive note the parasites: niggers ppics and Jews come to that will be fucked


  6. Matt M.
    Dec 03, 2010

    Let’s do this and clone some f***ing dinosaurs!

  7. Steve
    Dec 03, 2010

    The map I have seen of a potential Yellowstone full-blow leaves extreme coastal WA State from Olympia-West, untouched. The threat is way overblown as it could happen any time in the next 2 million years. We will be extinct by then, 100X over at this rate. Better concern yourself with the next 20 years..

  8. Dread_Lord
    Dec 03, 2010

    Hilarious volcano song.

  9. JiB
    Dec 04, 2010

    After I read the book “A Mighty Fortress” I looked up the song in YouTube in German.
    For me this is now my fovorite, a single voice with piano:
    The German text is also included, in the video and description.

  10. bryan
    Dec 08, 2010

    am i banned

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