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RFN #47 Off

Hi, guys: Those of you who are having difficulty listening to Radio Free Northwest #47 off the site, or downloading it from the server, can download the podcast from Again, I apologize for the glitch. -HAC

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Radio Free Northwest – December 16th 2010

HAC reads Edgar Steele’s famous article “It’s the Jews, Stupid” and then spends the rest of the podcast tearing the kikes a new one.

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White Nationalist E-Mail List

Hi, guys: This e-mail list is potentially one of the most valuable services that the Northwest Front provides, and yet at the same time one of the most unsung and denigrated. Okay, we have one new volunteer contact in Tennessee, one in South Carolina, and one in Ontario, although we lost two in Pennsylvania who […]

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Freedom’s Sons Proof and Review

Just to show you how necessary the work you do for me on this is: I have so far received eight proofread copies of Section I of the novel back from the 25 Proof and Review Committee members. Of those eight, every single one of you have found typos and grammatical errors that none of […]

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Radio Free Northwest – December 9th 2010

In this podcast HAC advises on how minors can deal with parental objections to their racial internet viewing, talks about private property rights in the Northwest American Republic, and talks about White people’s deliberate and willful refusal to understand.

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Remember Rhodesia This Christmas

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NW Migration Reps

Hi, guys: Okay, what with the Novel #5 and RFN and NO and another project it looks like I have to start soon, I am going to have to schedule my time almost down to the minute on a day by day basis. One of the things I simply will not have time to attend […]

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Northwest Love Stories

Dear HAC, One of the most endearing parts of your novels is the “love stories”… there are so many single guys out here wishing they had a dream White Nationalist girl by their side…and many girls who might see it as their path to a good man if you pen it aright.  Please consider adding […]

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NVA Attack Video As of 4 December

Hi, guys: Right, we now have 3,057 views on the main site after three weeks, and maybe a couple hundred more on mirror sites. Obviously, we have simply passed it around among ourselves like kids in junior high school passing around a centerfold one of them tore out of his big brother’s Playboy, and that’s […]

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