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NVA Attack Video As of 4 December

Hi, guys:

Right, we now have 3,057 views on the main site after three weeks, and maybe a couple hundred more on mirror sites. Obviously, we have simply passed it around among ourselves like kids in junior high school passing around a centerfold one of them tore out of his big brother’s Playboy, and that’s it. No one seems to be actually posting this where it would attract any mainstream attention.

To be fair, I’ve tried Huffington Post and Politico.com and some others myself, but no go, so admittedly this may not entirely be due to our lack of trying, but still, the fact remains that the result ain’t happening.

We need to develop a whole system or network whereby when the NF comes up with something cool on the Net, within 24 hours the URL is all over the world, strategically placed in places where it will get attention.

Can we please take another crack at this, guys? A continuing, ongoing crack it from now on, a few posts in various places each day? That URL again: