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NF Leaflets

Hi, guys:

Okay, you know those leaflets I send out with the intro packs? Who among you saved them?

The idea is that you run them off at your local Kinko’s in many copies, and rubber-stamp your own address on them, or I can make you up special copies with your own address on them. (People respond much better to a local address and phone number than some “national headquarters” at a post office box. Many people these days have forgotten how to write letters at all.)

Those of you who “lost” the leaflets from your intro pack and who want them back now: I can send them to you via e-mail attachment, but you will need Microsoft Publisher on your computer to open them. I can send printed master copies on white bond paper to you by mail, but in view of the time and effort and expense of printing them out, stuffing the envelope, and mailing them, please don’t ask for them unless you actually intend to use them, to reproduce and distribute them.


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