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Likes FS So Far

Just finished my first read-through of Chapter II of Freedom’s Sons. But, I’m pissed at you, dude, and not about tobacco. I just read, “He’d probably just think he’s back on Glenn Miller’s farm,” said Morgan. And spewed coffee all over my monitor screen. I’m still chortling.

Thank you for working the Cathy Frost character back into the saga. She was so important to the mythic structure of the story to my way of thinking. She represented what is best in the white race, true to the cause, plus she personified our ultimate hope of being free again after all the trials and tortures of living under the zoglodytes no matter how bruised and beaten we as a race are.

As for the ‘tbacky. To me, tobacco use like alcohol, marijuana, or any other intoxicant is a personal choice issue and should be a question of personal ethics, not one involving legal code. If a citizen of the Republic chooses to use, then fine, use, but if that citizen comes to harm or addiction due to use? Well then, it’s  on the one who made the choice.

Overall, very good! You’ve obviously hit your stride. I’ll do an analysis tomorrow.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of this project.

-Terry P.