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Goodbye Ice Age Columbus

Hi, guys:

Okay, all you Solutrean enthusiasts out there, apparently the Discovery Channel has ceased producing and selling its seminal DVD Ice Age Columbus: Who Were The First Americans? I presume this came about due to anti-Solutrean pressure from the Left.

I ordered one of the last copies available on Amazon.com for $19.95. I suggest any of you who want a copy start hustling on the Net to find one while there are still some new ones available.



  1. Aidan Sheridan
    Dec 18, 2010


    I believe I just ordered the last one!


  2. Hong Key
    Dec 20, 2010

    i got my copy Solutrean and Triumph of Will.

  3. Legiolupus
    Dec 22, 2010

    There are still copies of “Ice Age Columbus” on Youtube, divided into 9 parts.
    Here’s the first one:

  4. Aaron
    Dec 27, 2010

    On HAC’s advice, I obtained a copy. It was a delicious documentary. I honestly had no idea it would be viewed as controversial; naivete on my part I guess. For those uninitiated who are reading and don’t have context for the post, the documentary shows fairly strong basis of evidence for the proposition that Ice Age Europeans arrived in North America prior to Asians by some several thousand years. Only in the absurdist extremes could I fathom how this is viewed as controversial, yet I must remember these extremes are indeed alive and well… too well. It’s well made with endearing re-enactments and fine production.

    I’d also like to take this oportunity to thank HAC for his contributions to my education. I’ve probably learned more here in two months than I had in the two years prior. My anticipation of what HAC enlightens us with is a valued prize (as well as inimitable verve), if you’ll pardon the sentiment, and is what compels me to tune in every week and enjoy the RFN archives in the time between.

  5. Hong Key
    Dec 27, 2010

    On Christmas my uncle and cousin watched Solutrean and Triumph of the Will, my mom refused. They didn’t comment much on Solutrean except my uncle had a crush on the French girl. During Triumph my uncle keep rambling about UFO’s, Sovereign Citizens, Obama’s million man army, Zionists (he does know about that) and singing “it’s spring time for Hitler” my cousin busted out ” it’s family time with Hitler”. we started cracking up.

  6. john
    Mar 09, 2012

    the basques(atlanteans n original europeans) are the solutreans n of a holy bloodline

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