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Computer Problems

I’m having some computer problems, something to do with the connection, and I’m running as slow as molasses today, so bear with me on response time.

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Dr. Kevin MacDonald – Correction

Hi, guys: I would like to make a correction to Radio Free Northwest #43. Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s web site is Occidental Observer, not Occidental Dissent where the intellectual pseuds are currently raging against the Northwest and the Horrible One. -HAC

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Radio Free Northwest – November 18th 2010

In this podcast Mr. Covington talks about “negativity,” discusses the problems intellectual racists have with the Northwest Front (and vice versa) and answers the question of “Will the Northwest Republic have a stock exchange?”

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Novel #5

[Excerpted from an e-mail I received. – HAC] Dear HAC: I just hope that people don’t just sit around waiting for #5 and doing nothing. We don’t need vampires just sucking you dry, and when you die, move on to the next thing. -Thom Realistically, Thom, that’s going to be it, but I simply don’t […]

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Northwest Tricolor Flags

Hi, guys: Just a reminder: yes, we do have Tricolor flags for sale. You need to contact Comrade Steve at He makes them by hand and sells them at cost. At some point in time, we will have to find some source for large numbers of nylon, manufactured Tricolors, but given the anemic response […]

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The March of Cambreadth

For the many people who have asked me, last week’s martial and bloodthirsty bagpipe number was called “The March of Cambreadth,” by Heather Alexander.

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Ex-Soldier Writes

Dear HAC, I beleive I have figured out why so many in the Bowel Movement seem to think you are too judgmental of every one and everything. It’s becouse you do the necessary task of pointing out our weaknesses, and mistakes. Most egos can’t tolerate self -criticism. But without being self critical I don’t see how we will […]

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The Weird Aryan History Series

[This is the original article I sent out in ’05. Please read it carefully and check out my 2007 comments at the end. – HAC] June 24th, 2005 The Weird Aryan History Series Greetings, Okay, I have been advised henceforth to avoid the use of humor in my posts. Apparently it’s going over some of […]

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Radio Free Northwest – November 11th 2010

In this podcast Mr. Covington talks about police and federal informers and agent provocateurs within the Movement, how to recognize them, and how to deal with them.

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NF T-Shirts and Nick-Nacks

Comrades and Northwest Front Supporters – I’ll be adding some more products to the NF Storefront for Harold Covington . Does anyone have any suggestions for NF Designs or something they’d like to see on a Tshirt? -Silas Von Lindt

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