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Occidental Dissent

Dear HAC:

Enough of Occidental Dissent. The site is moderated by a young, twenty-something who has little experience in the White Nationalist movement, and no real world accomplishments, racially, or otherwise, to speak of. This young man’s comments are at times interesting, he shows intelligence, but clearly lacks the the wisdom of the ways of the world, or more to the point, the history of the American experiment. He’s at a time in his life like many of us were, at one point – who do not want to think of revolution, but rather that all can be solved peaceably at the voting booth. This is where men in their 40’s and 50’s can instruct. Been there, done that.

I think you drove home a very valid point – have the courage to show yourself, if you purport to be a leader of any kind. But enough of these people…I’ve followed the site for almost two years, and the comments are becoming less weighty by the month.

On another point, I’m beginning to think – along the lines of your video posting effort – that the Northwest Front will need martyrs, of a type. Free speech martyrs. Some one or several willing to stand up in public, dressed appropriately, with a message; similar to the efforts of Fred Phelp’s Westboro Baptist Church. The envelope can be pushed quite far here – have you seen the signs that Phelps’ people carry? Its as close to treason as I have ever seen in my life. Yet none are arrested. Two or three men, with a NW Front flag, and a radical semi-racial message on a very public street corner….or maybe a completely nonracial message – say one opposing the purchase of Chinese imports, at a local WalMart, for Xmas. Isn’t this exactly how the communists of Russia operated? Co-opting a generally hotbutton issue amongst the target audience, and channeling that message into the cause…staking out pro labor or pro environmental positions publicly

Perhaps the publicity generated from something like this will be enough to motivate some to pack the moving vans. Nothing more than a video posted on YouTube of the NW Front’s outreach efforts. Which is the ultimate goal, and first step…

-Marc Hollister