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Occidental Dissent #2

I just want to let you know that Hunter Wallace suffers from histrionic narcissism, pathological dishonesty, pettiness and meanness. (I think his real name is Brad Griffin.) And it’s a pity that he has WN followers in his blog. Have you seen my longest entry in my blog  (it’s about Hunter’s dishonesty)?

Greg Johnson characterized “Hunter” adequately as “more concerned to be seen as winning an argument than at getting to the truth or advancing the good. It is the triumph of narcissism over intellectual honesty.”

“Hunter” himself has confessed this year that he spent time in a Fruit Cake Hospital:


-C. T.


  1. Dread_Lord
    Nov 26, 2010

    How about just ignore him?

  2. Jim Gibbs
    Nov 26, 2010

    I would suspect because as dumb-ass as these quasi-intellectuals are, the NF cannot afford to have them writing the narrative to impressionable White people who don’t know any better than to take them seriously.

  3. Jack Ryan
    Nov 26, 2010

    I would like to suggest that folks here try to be a little less hostile with the White public that isn’t 100% hard core, WN – doing the Northwest Migration.

    You don’t have to suck up to people or compromise your beliefs, just try not to insult White folks, needlessly make personally enemies.

    I am the link to Occidental Dissent. I am a financial supporter of the NorthWest Front and have also worked very hard (with some successes in the WN Movement.

    I posted some links on Occidental Dissent to some of Mr. Covington’s best Radio Free Northwest radio podcasts. The main editor of O.D. – Hunter Wallace (yes a pen name, which is a good idea) LIKED Mr. Covington’s work and there were many others on O.D. who were first introduced to RFNW and the Northwest Migration through my links at O.D.

    Mr. Covington has one strong personal enemy at O.D. (not Hunter Wallace) who viciously attacked all things related to RFNW, Mr. Covington including me.

    There is no reason for anyone here to go over to Occidental Dissent and get in to personal arguments, insult Hunter Wallace – none what-so-ever. O.D. is going more mainstream, less open White Nationalist, so the word was there would be less links to RFNW, HAC.

    Folks need to be promoting the fine RFNW radio podcasts, Mr. Covington’s Northwest novels in many places, thousands of places – Conservative blogs, 2nd Amendment forums, Civil War re-enactment societies, Highland Games forums, Orthodox Christian forums, gun shows – any place where our kind of White folks might assemble.

    When you contact new Whites who are starting to explore White Nationalism, separation from the U.S. – please, try to use good communication skills and just be nice to fellow WHITES – DON’T MAKE PERSONAL ENEMIES.

    We want to get Mr. Covington’s radio podcast listenership to go up from say 3,000 to 30,000 and then to 300,000.

    Again, I worked hard to promote RFNW and Mr. Covington’s novels on Occidental Dissent – many people there including Hunter Wallace were supportive, liked RFNW and the novels. So what if there are some critical comments there?

    Folks need to do a lot better in this area if RFNW and the Northwest Migration is to grow in to something much more than a very small 100% hard core cult.

    14 Words

  4. Dread_Lord
    Nov 26, 2010

    These guys really are clowns, I admit that after reading some of the crap they say.

    I still don’t think this is going to accomplish much.
    If you gotta do all this then just challenge him to a debate or something. “Intellectuals” are into that kind of crap and it’s a perfect platform to put the word out even further.

  5. Red Green
    Nov 27, 2010

    I’d say it was the usual fear of Poindexter intellectual types of men of action, but to be sure, there’s no real “action” yet in the NF, which HAC himself admits. At least we’re not afraid to think outside the box. It would be more understandable if these Poindexters on that stupid blog and elsewhere had any kind of alternative plan, but I am damned if I can see anything even remotely resembling one. They apparently are happy just to gas on and on for the next 50 years like we’ve done for the last.

  6. FWM
    Nov 27, 2010

    Jack is right. Part of us distinguishing ourselves as a new right and homage to our fathers should be putting behind the ultra-Semitic, post-modernist, Critical Theory, and letting our (positive) words and deeds stand for themselves. If it doesn’t advance the 14 words, it probably is a pissing contest, or just pissing, and we don’t have time for that, and it ain’t White.

    Anyway, the whole WN scene (which is at this stage only a web phenomenon) is essentially made up of this behavior, so there are ample places ELSEWHERE if you absolutely must get your teenage debating rocks off somewhere. Let’s keep this place, the only which advocates for A SOLUTION, free from childs-play.


  7. Gideon Swift
    Nov 27, 2010

    My arrival at this web site is a result of the recent ‘discussion’ over at Occidental Dissent, and I must say that for me the outcome so far has been quite profitable. So, if anything, I suppose one could be thankful for whatever traffic they send this way, and leave it at that.

    Since Wednesday evening I’ve spent virtually all my time exploring the concept of a Northwest Front, listening to podcasts, reading, and following up on references, to the point where a nice long health walk of my own became necessary this morning simply to appease my aching back. I’ll need another one when I am done with this comment, most certainly.

    I am a relative newcomer to all of this, having spent only about a year or so seriously exploring the various aspects and perspectives of the movement via books like Culture of Critique and web sites such as Occidental Observer, AmRen, DavidDuke and VDare, and also (to a lesser extent) the secondary sites such as Occidental Dissent, and during this past year I have done little else but read, observe, and engage in discussion with my wife as we have explored these issues together and attempted to formulate a plan of action. I’ve not interacted with others primarily because I’ve heard very little said that actually necessitated any type of response on my part. I’ve seen and read and watched a lot about the problems, but have discovered very little in terms of realistic, practical solutions that can be implemented today.

    Critique is easy I think, and that is mostly what I have seen, in one form or another. To a large degree, it only requires that one apply perfect hindsight to the words or deeds of another. Yes, Jews are THE issue, I can see this. Immigration is a weapon, of this I have no doubt. Niggers are primitives and so forth, but at this stage I do believe I’ve heard enough about rape statistics and have read enough horror stories. I’ve seen the pictures and watched the video reports. I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with such sorrowful rage when I heard about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, and to be honest I get tears in my eyes even now just writing the words. Like a condition of insanity, critique can be a functional tool as well, but this in itself can, by its nature, only take one so far. OK. I’m convinced! Now what?

    My primary focus is my family. Specifically, I have two little children whose father is a bit older than usual, and who has no illusions concerning his mortality. I NEED to secure a future for these precious little ones, I NEED to do it now, and I’ve come to realize I cannot do it alone, as difficult as that realization has been at times. I am dead serious. Mr. Covington is the first person I’ve encountered in the past year who has these real world, practical solutions in mind, and in the works; Very exciting, that.

    Thanks for the link, Occidental Dissent. It has been time well spent.

  8. George Lint
    Nov 27, 2010

    The problem with crap like these Occidental Dissent attacks is that many people simply don’t know any better than to believe whatever horse shit some well-spoken pseudo-intellectual decides to post about HAC and the Northwest Migration. If we can’t be bothered to defend ourselves against deliberate slander and misrepresentation, people will get the idea we have nothing worth defending.

  9. Gustav
    Nov 27, 2010

    I’ve listened to interviews starring a few of the “WNs” who regularly post on Occidental Dissent and they ALL have one thing in common: their voices sounds as though only one testicle descended….i.e., every one of these “men” sounded like nasally squeaky teenage girls.

  10. LEW
    Nov 28, 2010

    While I have always admired HACs writing, I never would have come here to listen to HACs broadcasts and take a closer look at the NF if it wasn’t for Occidental Dissent. I now plan to buy the Northwest novels, all four them, as a result of visiting here via OD.

    I really don’t understand the animus here toward so called “pseudo intellectuals.” Most people post comments on blogs like OD to exchange ideas and stay current on what other WN are thinking, not because they regard themselves as intellectuals, pseudo or otherwise.

    And besides, what is wrong with being an intellectual anyway? HAC himself is an uber-intellectual. He the author of numerous essays, all cogent, and multiple books. What is that if not serious intellectual output?

    – LEW

  11. Robert Johanssen
    Nov 28, 2010

    Exactly. “Serious intellectual output.” The Northwest Imperative is a plan that has been thought out. Those idiots at OD don’t seem capable of thinking up an alternate one. They just try to tear down what is so far our only racial hope. That’s not thought. That’s childish petulance.

  12. Ron D.
    Nov 28, 2010

    The so-called criticism of HAC and the Northwest Imperative on the Occidental Dissent blog is neither honest nor legitimate. It consists of personal attacks and smears and is apparently based on some kind of personal animosity against Mr. Covington. “Hunter Wallace,” whoever he is, is essentially just an internet kook dressed up in 64-dollar words.

  13. Steve
    Nov 28, 2010

    “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Plato.

  14. Steve Riddle
    Nov 29, 2010

    It’s really getting vicious over there now, Harold. The fact that after 30 years you still won’t go down must be driving them nuts.

  15. Terry Phillips
    Dec 01, 2010

    What is going on over at Occidental Dissent is the truest definition of the term ‘circle jerk’ that I’ve ever seen. It makes some of the shit slinging on VNN look reasonable by comparison.

  16. jack ryan
    Dec 11, 2010

    To Lew and Gideon Swift, I am very happy to learn that you came over to become involved with the Northwest Front from links from Occidental Dissent. I worked very hard to get these NWF Links put up on O.D. and I did note with some satisfaction that there were some positive responses.

    Folks should look on presenting the Northwest Migration/Northwest Front to new Whites in many, many places and don’t go off and get in to shouting insult matches when you encounter resistance, negative reviews.

    It’s like Mormon Missionaries who go out in to the world and have to knock on 100 doors to get 4 people who might listen, two who will study, one convert. We need to be knocking on lots and lots of doors.

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