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Novel #5

[Excerpted from an e-mail I received. – HAC]

Dear HAC:

I just hope that people don’t just sit around waiting for #5 and doing nothing. We don’t need vampires just sucking you dry, and when you die, move on to the next thing.


Realistically, Thom, that’s going to be it, but I simply don’t know what more I can do with what I have to work with.

I don’t have followers, I have an audience. I am essentially in a form of show business. The whole history of my activity since the end of the “old days” in the 1980s has been everybody sitting around waiting for Harold to pull a rabbit out of a hat, so they can applaud. To some degree, Novel #5 is the last rabbit in my hat. After this, there really are no more. If we can’t transform our character and begin actually to do things, then after this book, I’m pretty much done.

I’m kind of like a busker; one of those guys playing the guitar or the zither or something outside the subways or on the street, with his instrument case open on the ground in front of him. If they like my tune, people passing by on the way to somewhere else in their busy and all-important personal lives throw coins into the case as a tip. The tips have been enough so far to keep me alive and out of the Salvation Army homeless shelter, so I shouldn’t complain.

You know, we COULD actually “do this thing” if we actually BELIEVE that it can be done. There’s what drives me nuts. It CAN BE DONE, far more easily and far less bloodily than anyone knows, if we could just get our minds right.

Oh, well….whaddya gonna do?



  1. Chechar
    Nov 15, 2010

    Although I am relatively a newbie I spent the last weeks reading The Brigade and presently am reading A Distant Thunder (and will read the remaining two novels right after I finish it).

    The problem I see with nationalists is that they’re still trying to work within the system (see e.g., the flaming discussion at Occidental Dissent among nationalists, where I just mentioned your revolutionary novels).

    Let’s not fool ourselves. The “Awakening” still has to come. Internal disputes aside, to my mind white nationalism is like a tiny gaseous sphere already leaving the cradle of the nebulae. It’s accumulating more and more mass that is slowly forming a center of higher density to form a protostar. When enough pressure in the interior rises, it will increase the density and temperature until the gas turns to plasma. When nuclear fusion is initiated at the core, a new star will be born in Western history.

  2. Kenny Callow
    Nov 15, 2010

    You can do CPR on a dead corpse perfectly, and it ain’t coming back to life. Kick it, insult it, fill it full of air, it ain’t gonna breathe. I don’t know what a demoralized and dumbed-down people eventually respond to, but it definitely calls for a expert in mass psychopathology.

  3. Sheridan Crawford
    Dec 18, 2010

    I was reading somewhere in here the best order in which to read the Novels. Any Idea where it is?

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