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  • NF Units

    For future reference:

    Northwest Front GHQ – P.O. Box 4856 – Seattle, WA. 98194-4856 nwnet@earthlink.net

    NF Portland – P. O. Box  17311 – Portland, OR 97217-0311 – 503-278-7689 – nfportland@gmail.com

    Northwest Front Montana – P.O. Box 10756 – Kalispell, MT  59904-0756 – 406-890-4814 – northwestfrontmontana@gmail.com

    Tricolor Flag Orders – edelweiss88_14@yahoo.com

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    1. Me bryan
      Nov 23, 2010

      Allow me to post here from the Northwest Observer Nov. 2010

      ~ A lot of our initial political work will consist of the same sort of thing our groups have been doing for a couple generations, mostly simple literature distribution. But unlike in the past, the NF is going to need follow-through in the form of human contact.

      Anyone who responds or expresses an interest needs to be able to meet real live human beings to talk to and develop them politically and racially, and that means someone nearby, so they don’t have to drive to Seattle or Kalispell or Coeur d’Alene to meet their first real live Northwest nationalist. we will need local spokesmen who are willing and able to take the heat, and those unit leaders are going to need support systems. We will need lone wolf style organizers who are willing and able to live and operate alone in northwest towns, sometimes for years on end, and spread the message. These lone wolves will be the true heroes of our movements early years.

      The Northwest Republic will stand or fall on the amount of local support that we receive from from the actual white people who live here, and the key to that support wont be web sites or some kind of communication from on high but the work and personality and presence of the local Northwest Front guy who lives just down the street in every white community in the Northwest.

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