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Impressive Effort From David Duke

Guys, I have never denied that when he wants to, Double Diamond can really Tell The Tale with verve and skill. Check out his latest video, presumably a preparation for his 2012 Presidential campaign, for which presumably he must return home from his Austrian chalet, at least for a while.

How Nations Die


Note the high quality of this video, both technically and content-wise. Also note the 22,000 some-odd views as opposed to the 2,268 views as of this morning for our own new NVA Attack video.

Not knocking our own Colonel House at all, folks, but THIS IS THE LEVEL TO WHICH WE MUST ASPIRE. Give the devil his due: Duke has been doing this even longer than I have, he is a master craftsman, and hes showing us how its done. Now let’s start doing it.



  1. Blake
    Nov 30, 2010

    Ah yes David Duke, after all these years he is still alive and still a thorn in the side of the New World Order. If anyone is interested in David Duke and William Pierce videos/essays go to http://www.wntube.com thats (white nationalist tube).

    Information is a powerful weapon and we should all wield as much of it as we possibly can.

  2. T. A. Easson
    Nov 30, 2010

    Disco Dave has an established name. He has been featured on the mainstream media on countless occassions and has successfully turned over antagonistic interviewers with vim and vigour. His face (which undergoes some queer unexplained transformations from time to time) is almost as familiar as his name, even way outside USA. He seems to be going down the KAS ‘beefcake’ route these days – i think he may be attempting to add the plastic ‘celebrity’ look to his Public Relations arsenal in his bid to become King Duke (sorry couldn’t resist) in 2012.

    Personally, i am in oppostition to his ‘campaign’. He should be lending his name, face, money and resources to an existing (or at least more realistic) enterprise such as the NWF. Instantly it made me suspicious. His ‘campaign’ Youtube video was nauseating, particularly his plea for White Americans to dip into their pockets.

  3. Chechar
    Nov 30, 2010

    Once I can afford it, I’ll make high quality films for YouTube, and unlike Duke I’ll mention the NW imperative.

    Changing subjects, can anybody tell my how the site—:


    —has been hacked? It used to contain HAC’s novels in PDF format and many other WN classics. Now it is being redirected to BS sites that have nothing to do with the downloading of WN books and WN pamphlets.

    I expected the problem was about to be fixed by the webmaster of that site but it continues after a week or so.

    Please fix this problem. Although I purchased copies of the Northwest Quartet through Amazon, I believe that the *older* classics should be available for free in the internet.

  4. Me bryan
    Dec 01, 2010

    David Duke for president! Would this be the first time a pro-white candidate ran for the white house? One last atempt to gather and bring out all the white people who are willing to speak for their race and familys’ interest. This will be the last awakening for the north amurican white people. And when this effort fails through rigging, special interest, media control, white apathy or any other reason….there really will be no other option in the minds of amurican voters and the awake than the call for a new place of our own free from a system that can not be saved or redeemed. I think it is rediculous for any of us NOT to vote for a open pro-white candidate….whether we believe in winning or not. Remember the vote for a black or even a half/black president is still and always will be at 95% from other blacks in their race.

  5. Steve
    Dec 01, 2010

    DD has poo pooed- the NWF concept. Now the guy has some good stuff, I usually “like” his vids and positively comment. He has awoken many people up about basic WNist issues, but a real leader of men in war and peace? Hardly

    I will say this latest video was his best yet, very slick and compelling

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