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Dr. Kevin MacDonald – Correction

Hi, guys:

I would like to make a correction to Radio Free Northwest #43. Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s web site is Occidental Observer, not Occidental Dissent where the intellectual pseuds are currently raging against the Northwest and the Horrible One.



  1. Chechar
    Nov 18, 2010

    I’m a fan of both you (HAC) and KMD. Yes: I’ve listened to the #43 podcast. Thanks for the correction.

    I don’t understand why KMD didn’t say anything after you kindly forwarded the Quartet, since in his most important work he quoted Hitler himself.

    As to Occidental Dissent, the longest post in my blog (here) deals with both the Northwest imperative and that once promising blog “going mainstream” (= going astray?).

  2. ion
    Nov 18, 2010

    that’s MacDonald, not McDonald…

  3. Harold
    Nov 18, 2010

    Thanks, Ion.

  4. FWM
    Nov 18, 2010

    Chechar: I would contend that they are not mutually exclusive. We are close to a time where we can work for our rights “in the bedroom,” while persuading in the mainstream. The later is not for changing ZOG, but for turning our brethren towards home. You can have implicit and explicit faces, where each compliments the other, rather than having them tear at one another. To do so, you must have an extraordinary amount of self-control, and remember to first be “wise as serpents.” A white man, nearly perfected, could not imagine less. Mike

  5. Chechar
    Nov 19, 2010


    I didn’t say they’re mutually exclusive. But please, if you don’t read the 30,000 words of that entry, Trainspotter’s criticism of the “new” Occidental Dissent, at least take a good look to what Lurker also comments there (just click on my moniker and the search the word “Lurker”).

    Also, don’t miss what HAC says about the silly Tea Party people & conservative Republicans in a YouyTube clip starting: here.

  6. FWM
    Nov 19, 2010

    Chechar – I actually made my own of that extensive conversation – unfortunately before I knew you did the hard labor also. Mine was a 44 page PDF.
    You and I are almost in parallel in development, having gone through a VFR phase, etc. Recently, I was a part of the “Jacksonian Club” single group phone meeting with Hunter, etc. That ended up about where HAC said it would. But, the purpose was appropriate, as it was not a Tea Party enrollment meeting, rather a discussion of employing Alinsky tactics to glean off the implicit white community.

    My comment above should’ve been phrased as a question/statement. I have an inkling that we should also be recruiting concurrently from the most active grouping of implicit white awareness that we have seen in a long time: Tea Parties, Oath Keepers, III percenters, Survivalist/Global Guerrilla-types. I am active (to a small extent) in all of these. There are quality people, wealthy people, networked people – all features we need in order to create a homeland and alliances. Hunter sees real changes, and believes this will result in a saving of the old Republic – in some form. I see Pyrrhic victories, a necessary destruction, but also a self-propagating, organism that separates the wheat from the chaff. I want the wheat, and to organize them, educate them, and move them towards what I see as inevitable.

    Cheers, Mike

  7. Chechar
    Nov 19, 2010


    I also was tempted to join the Jackson club but my heavily foreign accent (English is only my second language) made me have second thoughts.

    Sorry that you did the hard work just after I had done it. I didn’t advertise my entry at OD to avoid hurting Hunter’s feelings. But I am very concerned about the “new” OD approach of going mainstream. Take as a paradigm the naive OD statements such as the following: “Solution: As Hunter Wallace has shown us, the GOP is apparently the best political vehicle to preserving White genes and our heritage…”

    Naive to say the least…

    Let me now quote from O’Meara’s pamphlet that I believe every single nationalist must read (and if s/he can afford it, give copies of it to selected friends and prospects).


    What is to be done?

    The development of an alternative media, consciousness rising, various local activities to defend white interest must, to start, give no credence to the reformist snare that the system can be made receptive to white interests. This illusion is the greatest treason. For it is the system itself, communicating vessel of the Jews’ lunar spirit, that de-Aryanizes us, contaminates our blood, and seeks our destruction. It is the enemy. It cannot be reformed, only destroyed—if we are to live. All talk of working through it is but utopian chatter, better left to sheenies, darkies, and school teachers.

    The notion that racialists follow the Left’s Gramscian “march through the institutions” is equally unserious. Covington’s Northwest Volunteer Army is a hundred time more realistic than the thought of re-establishing the integrity of white life through elections or an expanded media.

    [Toward the White Republic, pages 97f]

  8. Steve
    Nov 19, 2010

    Excellent post FWM. Like you I have attended TEA Parties and handed out some literature as well as spent some face to face time explaining a few truths as to the “whos and whys” of ZOG. Also in pro 2nd amendment, preparedness and veterans circles. We are foolish if we ignore the groups you mention, as many members therein could “wake up” with the right impetus applied

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