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Impressive Effort From David Duke

Guys, I have never denied that when he wants to, Double Diamond can really Tell The Tale with verve and skill. Check out his latest video, presumably a preparation for his 2012 Presidential campaign, for which presumably he must return home from his Austrian chalet, at least for a while. How Nations Die Note […]

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NF’s First Publicity–From Stupid Nigger

Well, guys, we have our first publicity, on the Rambling Nigger Channel. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I suppose it’s a start. Sort of. Mah main nigga Roosevelt don’t feel me. -HAC

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Northwest Front FAQ

Just a reminder for those who are new: in my special two hour podcast dated September 23rd I answer a number of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Northwest Migration.

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Occidental Dissent #2

I just want to let you know that Hunter Wallace suffers from histrionic narcissism, pathological dishonesty, pettiness and meanness. (I think his real name is Brad Griffin.) And it’s a pity that he has WN followers in his blog. Have you seen my longest entry in my blog  (it’s about Hunter’s dishonesty)? Greg Johnson characterized […]

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Occidental Dissent

Dear HAC: Enough of Occidental Dissent. The site is moderated by a young, twenty-something who has little experience in the White Nationalist movement, and no real world accomplishments, racially, or otherwise, to speak of. This young man’s comments are at times interesting, he shows intelligence, but clearly lacks the the wisdom of the ways of […]

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Radio Free Northwest – November 25th 2010

In this podcast HAC apologizes and corrects some errors made in last week’s show, talks about the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign, and reads the first Thanksgiving Proclamation from 1676, which like so much else, we have been lied to about by those who rule us.

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NF Units

For future reference: Northwest Front GHQ – P.O. Box 4856 – Seattle, WA. 98194-4856 NF Portland – P. O. Box  17311 – Portland, OR 97217-0311 – 503-278-7689 – Northwest Front Montana – P.O. Box 10756 – Kalispell, MT  59904-0756 – 406-890-4814 – Tricolor Flag Orders –

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UPDATE:  The NF Storefront has been defunct due to the usual de-platforming reasons for quite a few years now.  This post is staying around for historical reasons. Just a reminder, guys: check out our Storefront for your White Nationalist Christmas shopping. Nothing says Festem Yule like a Tricolor T-shirt or an NVA coffee mug.

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NVA Video Downloads

Hi, guys: Okay, I’m sorry to send this out in bits and pieces, but I’m having computer problems—apparently something to do with the high-speed connection, because everything on both machines is running so slow it’s like I’m wading through strawberry jam up to my waist. My Microsoft Outlook won’t connect to the Earthlink .smtp server […]

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NVA Attack Video

Hi, guys: Okay, this is what Colonel House has done with that special project I mentioned. Check it out. Watch it, and then I’ll tell you what I want you to do with it. -HAC

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