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YouTube People?

Hi, guys:

Okay, some time back I asked for people with web-building skills to step forward and identify themselves. Many of you did, and I have a list, and you will be hearing from me on certain projects in due course.

Now, however, I want to narrow it down. How many of you have YouTube video-making skills? I have a special project I would like to get done, and I want to see how different people will handle it. If you are good at making YouTubes, let me hear from you.



  1. Taylor Andrews
    Nov 02, 2010

    I’m actually pretty handy with youtube and my video editing software.

  2. Blackout
    Nov 05, 2010

    If the subject exploits emotions I can probably whip something up. If it’s a lecture or speech or something I probably won’t be able to do much for ya with that.


  3. Blackout
    Nov 05, 2010

    Post Script:

    The video I posted is out of synch from the original copy, the original has floated around youtube and the WN community for a while I just can’t find it at present.

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