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Fun With NPR Jews

Dear HAC: An…uh..neighbor of mine being..uh…a hard-working black person became irate today when (black, liberal) Juan Williams was fired by the Jews running NPR radio. Told me he went to payphone and dialed up NPR station and calmly explained that he would not tolerate such “discrimination against Blacks”, that NPR had practically NO black personalities […]

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Radio Free Northwest – October 21st 2010

In this episode Mr. Covington eulogizes the late Comrade Jeff Hughes, who was murdered by the RCMP in Vancouver one year ago this week. He also talks about the future of the White internet and continues his comments on local organizing for the Northwest Front.

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Apology For Dilatory Posting

Guys,  I’d like to apologize for not keeping this blog up for the past few days. Had some minor computer trouble. I’ll try to get it back up to speed. -HAC

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The List Is Useless

HAC: No one has contacted me at all from the list. I hope people eventually do. My thoughts on this matter: The way people live and communicate is so much different than in the past. Socially, people move all over the country and don’t have roots in one area any more (generalizing – exceptions exist […]

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Radio Free Northwest – October 14th, 2010

In this episode of Radio Free Northwest, HAC talks about illegal activity, assesses the Republicans’ chances in the mid-term elections, and talks about how to recruit people into the Northwest Front.

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NF Policy on Illegality

Hi, guys: I shouldn’t have to explain this to anyone more than once, but then there are a lot of things I shouldn’t have to be doing. We do not have General Orders in the Northwest Front, since we are an idea and not an organization. Orders would imply organization, and give the impression that […]

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That Singer On #37

Dear HAC: Steve Cash sings both of the songs you’ve played, from White Mansions…just dug my old LP out and checked. Join Under The Flag is a great tune from that LP, too. -Marc H.

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Radio Free Northwest – October 7th, 2010

In this podcast HAC talks about the firing of Rick Sanchez from CNN for “anti-semitism,” a possible fifth Northwest novel, and local organizing here in the Northwest Homeland itself.

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Good Luck, Lone Haranguer

Hi, guys: Our comrade the Lone Haranguer has to go in this week for what will hopefully be his last round of surgery, He has had to rush to get this in before the end of the year, when Obamacare kicks in and he loses his present health coverage. Obamacare is not only too crushingly […]

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Pam Bailey Update

September 10th, 2010 (Received October 2nd) Dear Harold, Shame on you! Apparently you have been rubbing “crayon, lipstick, white-out, pain, perfume smears, postits, etc. all over the September issue of the Northwest Observer, hence forcing my captors to return it to you. (See enclosure) Sigh…it’s maddening for me, and frustrating for you, I’m sure. If […]

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