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Radio Free Northwest – September 30th 2010

In this podcast HAC talks about the furor on his Thoughtcrime blog, discusses the Jewish origins of feminism, and describes how the Northwest migration movement got started.


  1. Tina (AKA "gymnastic chick")
    Sep 29, 2010

    Great cast, and ‘right-on’ on the origin and destructiveness of feminism. Actually I think it was an understatement. I think feminism is contributing to the destruction of our culture in that American women have become so liberated, arrogant, and masculinized that American men are beginning to import their brides, many of them from the Third World. Foreign women are better home makers, take better care of their bodies, milder-mannered, are more conscientious about their grooming, attire, figure, etc. We US women, on the other hand, have priced ourselves out of the market. We put our self-advancement above our families, are obsessed with women’s rights, compete with men, crowing over their heads, putting them in their places, and showing them who’s boss. They’re highly neurotic, visit expensive psychiatrists and squander their husbands’ hard-earned money on exotic antidepressant medicine, fill up on junk food and crush the scales (US women are the second fattest in the world, after Polynesia). On a brighter note, this attitude is less of a problem with White Nationalist women, as we have higher priorities, such as replenishing our numbers, which require good homemaking skills, etc.

    Anyway, thanks for yet another great and timely broadcast!

  2. Matt M.
    Sep 30, 2010

    Great stuff. Loved the Rockwell clip! You can find the video footage of that interview on youtube. Can’t wait to get to the Homeland. Keep up the good work!


  3. AMY
    Sep 30, 2010

    ***AMY IS SAD 🙁

  4. AMY
    Sep 30, 2010


  5. Elizabeth
    Sep 30, 2010

    Thank you HAC for responding to my questions. Since posting my questions, I learned of your podcasts and have listened to them all. It amazes me how naive I’ve been all my life, even though, sadly, I was still more aware than most Americans are. I think “Watcher” put it best in his answer to my questions on the forum. QUOTE: “Main concept here is that the primary job of a woman is to marry and have children. There is no future for our race without that, eh? I don’t think anyone here is suggesting outlawing our ladies from work outside the home, simply making it a basic tenet that children and home come first. That is something a man is willing work hard for and to put his life on the line for, and that’s kinda important, too” I already let my husband make the decisions, but in that, he respects me enough to ask my opinion, and listens. I can fully understand the need for men to have something to work for and protect. I like being female enough to want my husband to be the man of the house. I love that he makes me feel petite, feminine and special, I think every woman should have a man who makes her feel like that. If every woman had someone like that, the jews would have less of a hold on the feminist movement

  6. Harold
    Sep 30, 2010

    Every now and then that seems to happen, an RFN gets cut off short. Apparently it’s something on the receciving end, because I can always get it to play here. When that happens, try downloading the whole broadcast instead of listening to it off the server.

  7. Steve Clark
    Sep 30, 2010

    Harold: This will be regrettably long, since I want to comment on your last two podcasts, as I enjoyed them and the recapping. I think it’s a good idea to refer to the last podcast for new people. It really does answer all the questions.

    Now, regarding two weeks ago. Koran burning: true on the mosque, and I was curious to find the builder behind it is a converted Muslim, and the Jews really seem all for it, especially Bloomberg. Whatever their neo-con wing says about fighting Iran and keeping ‘western values’ intact, the Jews want the Muslims here, they encourage America to as less white as possible. That’s really not debatable. Same for Europe. I think men like Geert Wilders are a front for Jew control. Perhaps there are two wings of Hofjude at one another’s throat, but I’m not so sure. I imagine New York must be a complete foreign country by now, with American culture there solely determined by it’s capitalistic uses. I sense, as I think you do, that for all the omnipotent power the federal government has, there’s an element of upper level anarchy. They are, like Dr. Pierce said, trying to rotate several spinning plates at once.

    Pretty Boy Floyd: I’m surprised you never mention Ned Kelly. He really gave Australian authority some bad dreams, and Kelly based most of his support on Irish resentment. The authorities grabbed his mother and jailed her. Kelly offered to surrender if they’d let her go, but they said no. He even had some vague notions about making a Bush Irish republic. Surprised you never put him in the Weird Aryan History series. A movie was made of him with Mick Jagger in the lead, and it’s not too bad.

    George Lincoln Rockwell: I never read much of Rockwell, and I want to. I remember seeing him on TV in the 60’s. I was turned off by the Nazi thing, but I admit that remembering him, he was a forceful speaker. The assassination reminds me that the sixties were a time of carefully timed political assassinations, and I wonder if Rockwell was part of it a plan to end any resistance. I’m not playing the conspiracy card, but it’s so obvious that Kennedy-King-Kennedy were part of some process. I also thought Wallace was included in this, as his party was, as you correctly claimed, the only real third-party mass movement of white people that had a real chance of making change, and I know the establishment was scared of him. When Gore Vidal wrote an essay ‘The Arts of E. Howard Hunt’, he all but said the assassinations were directed by a higher authority, since they had a ‘lone, crazed gunman’ some of whom left a diary that looked like it was doctored. I also feel King’s death had a definite purpose, and it wasn’t ‘right-wing fanatics’ who killed him. I felt that by 1968, KIng had pretty much outlived his usefulness, and black leaders…the more radical types, were dropping him. Who did kill him? As you say, Cui bono?

    Regarding 23 September podcast:

    Again, mostly old material that is needed for new people. I agree the Tea Party is a lot like the Wallace campaign. Sure, it’s mostly economic, and a lot of folks at VNN dump on it for being kosher controlled, but look, the neo-cons took over the intellectual wing of conservatism thirty years ago. Dumping Buchanan was the first symptom of that, and the Tea Party is the only revolution we’ve got at the moment. I’ve noted the hostility the upper classes and establishment are giving them, and that’s good…the mask is falling from the ruling class’s face. With tea Party types, I try to make them understand the system is lost, but they are true Americans in that they believe ‘if we just act square and right and make those liberals act they way they SHOULD, things will work.’ I call this the Disney syndrome…where people expected Disney to keep making wholesome films because, gosh darn it, they’re GOOD people, not realising that the Jews took Disney over. People want a good man to come along, they’ll vote him in, and it’ll all work out and they can go home and keep up the consumption. The good thing about this is the whites who voted for Obama are much the same way. They felt it was ‘a historic moment’, they put the monkoid in, yay hooray, and they can go home…they didn’t realize that Obama is only phase one of a plan. Like the Civil Rights laws. Whites genuinely felt sorry for blacks, and agreed laws should be passed ‘so blacks will have a chance.’ Not understanding that it was a start of quotas, gimmes, ‘economic justice’…Whites really don’t get it, that there is a war against them.

    Many of them won’t move to safety. Ok, I’m one of them. It would take a few pages to describe my life and economic situation. I’ll spare you. But as for whites hiding or holding out, I call this the Gran Torino symdrome, after the movie. A lone wolf is surrounded by muds, and he’s simply impotent and bitter. In the film, of course, it was shown he must support gooks (I think Eastwood realizes that whites still have a soft spot for them and not really much for blacks or beaners…in the film, both were seen as scumbags), and in the end, we must die for them. That’s the official dictate of what we are to do. I’d like to think the Tea Party, in its own zig-zag way, has caught on to the fact they’re being replaced withh a new working class and are saying no. But they’re being infiltrated, and the intellectual power of mentors like Beck, LImbaugh etc., are limited. Like most conservative thought, they’ll fall back on the Neocons, and it will be economic freedom, more war for Israel , and mild support for ‘the good immigrants’.

    SO much could be said about our racial contamination, and ‘the white gene pool needs a heavy dose of chlorox’ sums it up. A lot of our racial make-up now has added asian influence from all those Vietnam baby-lifters brought in and the adoptions. I think it’s a lost battle to ‘save’ America in a mass sense. In the TURNER DIARIES, Pierce has mass executions in LA, but that obviously isn’t going to happen. Also, it reminds you that when Pierce wrote his book, LA was largely white and always bragged about its whiteness. No more.

    The final comment on the immaturity of white males reminds me of a recent production of ROMEO AND JULIET I was in. The cast, mostly college educated males, were really into comic books. All kind, every sort, and they weren’t stupid by any means, but intelligent, probably a cut above most working class white males, but pop culture has made such inroads that I’m not sure we can recover a ‘book’ culture unless, as you state, a NW republic is formed.

    Also, Harold, I know you like Kunstler, but have you ever read his viewers? Really very anti-white, American, hating ‘cornpone nazis’, NASCAR, the south…I mean really, Harold, these guys creep me out, and most love Obama or simply say he’s ‘misguided and would tell the truth if he could.’ One viewer even hoped the military could be used against the Tea Party, and I think they’re serious. Of course, most of these ‘computer Ches’ are no more likely to go violent then are the ones on our side, but Kunstler’s anti-white (goy) sentiments are coming to the surface, as are many other people’s hatred of us as things worsen and whites begin rolling over in bed…they’re not quite ‘woken up’ yet.

  8. NWactivist
    Sep 30, 2010

    I really like that Irish theme song to RFN, HAC. It’s moving and powerful and helps me envision the coming Northwest Republic.

  9. NW Native
    Oct 02, 2010

    Steve Clark commented on the Eastwood film Grand Turino. I agree and would like extend the comments. I don’t know if Eastwood or the producers realize the hugh metaphor and symbolism emplicit in the film. Just about everything in the current American experience is mirrored in the Grand Turino story line. I may miss some but here’s what I saw.
    1. Aging retired auto worker surrounded by third worlders estranged from his own adult children.
    This is metaphor for an aging white America; a dying industrial base; third world immigrants replacing whites and the indifferenct of America’s own white children.
    2. Eastwood’s character doesn’t like any of the minorities but eventually takes to his Hung neighbors who are presented as kind, intelligent and friendly. (I would think that the Hung were not as advanced as made out in the film. I read that the African Semolis were quite mystified about flush toilets and doorknobs when first coming to the promised land. And some of our home grown varieties of Africans still have a hard time using the ‘ol flusher-roo on a regular basis in the government built projects prefering hallways, stairwells, elevaters and side alleys. Of course that could be because that try to flush their disposable baby dipers down the toilet.)
    3. Eastwood comes to the defense of the Hung kids who are brutalized by American’s home grown non-white savages.
    4. The Eastwood chatacter pays the ulltimate price which symbolizes white self ethnocide coming to the aid of others by giving of themselves to protect the “others”. (Only the muses know what American Whites have tried to do for the Haitians as a example)
    5. Lastly, the grand metahor of Grand Torino, a Hung kid inherits the Grand car of a by gone American industrial age, who according to the story line, is more deserving then his own kids. Which is exactly what’s happening as the Chos, Dous and Joses move in to inherit whats left of a Civilizaton that they could never build in a million years.
    The NW White Republic, a “concept who time has come”. Pray for Edgar. Then donate to his defence fund.

  10. Sanya
    Oct 04, 2010

    “… and ‘the white gene pool needs a heavy dose of chlorox’ sums it up.”
    I like that.

    Speaking of 3rd-worlders. Friend of mine was trying to “jump” to Germany back in ages, shortly after sonsabitch Gorby flashed the Country to jews.
    So my fellow (single, white, athletic, intelligent) could not withstand ramifications (remember, there was no opposition to join) so he sneaked into Germany. Officials acquainted him and few other boys and during their paperwork they were quarantined in some small town. And that was a “quarantine”! As we all know, jews heavily promoted some “asylum” or “refugee” sub-committee in UN and began to fill-out white countries with “beyond-the-level” (aka 123rd countries) herds of Arabs and apes. Remember “Grey Wolves” from Turkey in Germany back in 60-70’s? Friend of mine used to live in a building with some really “out-of-tree” apes in 1990. Black sonsabitches were forced to take a shower daily by stuff (kind of INS Police)!!! So apes would came to military-like, or jail-like shower pit and few of them first shit one the floor, push their own shit by their feet to the drain holes. And btw, other “secured” folks, like my fellow were on another side of the shower-pit. So those negroes are actually either did not know the “toilet” concept or simply ignored that device. Very soon white fellows got sick of the crap and placed one of the apes face down kinda style to his own resemble… Well there was a “riot” of niggers against discrimination and racism at the facility very next day. The most fascinated part is that some German Government official came and ordered deportation of a few whites under allegation of “skinheading” those poor apes.
    Unfortunately to state, Germany is not arian country as we knew it was any longer.

  11. Dread_Lord
    Oct 07, 2010

    As for Feminism, you should check out what someone from that time had to say about it.
    Madeline Dahlgren wrote her thoughts about it back in the day and it turns out she pretty much predicted exactly where it would lead.

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