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Jeff Hughes Update

Hi, guys:

A comrade recently asked if there had been any new developments in the Jeff Hughes police murder case.

So far as I know, eleven months later, no. The woman RCMP officer who fired ten bullets into an unarmed Jeff Hughes has been shipped off to the wilds of Ontario and is “unavailable.” She has never even been publicly named. To the best of my knowledge, the Canadians haven’t even held a coroner’s inquest on Jeff’s murder, which if you watch “Da Vinci’s Inquest” you will know is completely illegal under Canadian law. But just like here, the Canuck Zionist regime simply ignores its own laws whenever it so desires. Attorney Doug Christie, acting for Jeff’s surviving brother, tried to get some action or at least some information and ran into a stone wall.

If anyone knows any more about it, let me know, please.