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The Economy in the NAR

People ask how the Northwest American Republic would deal with economic issues. Check out:



  1. Peter
    Aug 23, 2010

    I enjoyed the youtube video on the economy. I’ve always thought it ridiculous to alow religion tax-free status. The poll tax though might prohibit people from voting; I might not quite understand its application. Its important for our nation to be as self-sufficient as possible, as you say.
    It must have been extremely disheartening to see Rhodesia sink to where it is now, especially all the killing of whites. It must have been a proud and gutsy nation. I’ve read that there’s alot of White killing in South Africa now, and the Blacks have reverted to eating “muti”: That’s the Black term for human meat. Some eat it, and the witch-doctors use the heart, liver, and intestines in their perverse rituals and magic. Supposedly, White muti is preferred.

  2. Sanya
    Aug 23, 2010

    My first Q: properties.

  3. Sanya
    Aug 29, 2010

    So according to the inspirational talks around, how do people could get a “critical mass” to get started? And what do you mean “but things will change”? How those sonsabitches may change? Historically NOTHING were changed without uprising and massive blodshed.
    So up to what point do we have to wait?

    And who is this guy – NordicJava?

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