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RFN #28


I’d rather see you stick to one podcast a week, because I don’t want you to burn yourself out, unless you cut the podcasts to 30 minutes apiece.

In response to Aug 5 podcast:

1.  I don’t mind you repeating yourself. Your reasons are valid.

2.  Good take on the IRA, especially their working class origins.

3.  Ditto on tattoos.

4. On WWI and WWII, there is much more than you could discuss in one podcast, but your general remarks were good.  I remember what one German businessman said in 1912:  “Germany will lead the world in business and scientific advancement IF WE CAN STAY OUT OF WAR.”

A book I enjoyed reading was THE GERMAN WARS (1977) by D.J. Goodspeed. He classed both wars as one, and although has the usual pro-British bias, said good things about the origins, feeling the French and Serbian desire for war superceded anyone else’s.  Also, how the British government lied to their own public about not committing their army to France. A. J. P. Taylor noted ‘lying to go to war to defend a helpless country seems to be a British trait.’

Something Goodspeed said in conclusion:

“In the liberal societies of the West the eunuchs are inheriting the earth…Civil society, just like military society, needs discipline if it is tofunction properly…Only discipline preserves freedom.”

Goodspeed blames this on the violence and slaughter of both wars.  He feared that ‘The East can afford to sit by our sickbed for a time, secure in the knowledge that softness and corruption are the harbingers of death.’

-Steven Clark.