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Radio Free Northwest Question

Hi, guys:

          Okay, I want to ask you something, and please think about your answer.

          In your opinion, would it increase listenership to Radio Free Northwest—not increase your own listening pleasure, but increase actual listenership over the current 1500 or so per week—if I were to do two shows per week?

          I may have found a way to do that, but there’s no point if we’re going to plateau at somewhere under 2000 listeners per week, i.e. our own version of the Same Old Faces Every Week syndrome from meetings and internet chats, and no extra people will be posting and transmitting the URL and trying to generate buzz. If the bulk of the listeners are simply going to sit there passively and drink it all in with nothing passed on, then there’s not much point.

          Would two shows a week stir listeners to actually post and tweet the URL and try to drum up more listenership? is what I’m getting at.