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Radio Free Northwest – August 5th 2010

This week Mr. Covington talks about why tattoos are a bad idea, ruminate on what might have been had we not fought two world wars against our brothers in Europe, and responds to a question on how the NF can generate “buzz” on the internet.


  1. phil white
    Aug 05, 2010

    As to HAC’s comment this week about our rulers beliveing their own propaganda, here is a quote from Sam Francis in “”Race and the American Prospect.”

    “The ideology or political formula is imbedded in and imposed on the subject society by means of the cultural institutions the ruling class creates and controls, and the articulation and defense of the formula is the main purpose of the culture with respect to the ruling class. But, as Mosca and Pareto both acknowledged, elites typically “really believe in” the ideologies and formulas they espouse. Political formulas are not,Mosca insists, “mere quackeries aptly invented to trick the masses into obedience. Anyone who viewed them in that light would fall into grave error.”

  2. Igor
    Aug 05, 2010

    As far as the Covington and The North West Front is concerned, they have nothing to do with this show. Which happens to be a tard corral of Gossip, Opinions, History and News, so tune in and just have some fun! Tonight at 9 eastern, 8 central http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/75473 Roid-Rage&WhiggerSwill&HAC&Mattoid-Meercats&Moaners A fighting, fussing, fucking, farting, foolish ball of . . . something.

  3. phil white
    Aug 05, 2010

    P.S. As to our not slavishly imitating NS or Bolshevik tactics, I guess that means tactics have to change due to technological change like Movies, TV and latest the internet.
    Maybe what we need is to develop “principals of revolution” like the militarie’s “nine principals of war”
    According to military doctrine, war tactics change in response to technological improvements but the principals of war, such as mass, surprise and offensive never change.
    The best book on general principals of revolution I can recommend is the classic “The Anatomy of Revolution.” by C. Brenton.

  4. Steve
    Aug 06, 2010

    Your best podcast yet, very inspiring.. I could not disagree with anything you said, and your final comments about the diseased dragon called JOG were spot on.. I have in fact been parroting this for years in every venue I could find, after I carefully analyzed the situation in a military-intel fashion, instead of listening to movement nay sayers and cowards who will never lift a finger at any time, but feel 100% free to talk down movements like the NWF. The handwriting is on the wall and I think the first strong, recent sign of this was the FBI’s “Megiddo Report” where they basically stated that white patriots and Christian Identity were “terrorists”.. of course they tossed in “Black Hebrew” groups so as to not appear anti white, standard disinfo/psyops fare, we all should be aware that JOG loves any non white anti white movement


    To Phil, great idea, but the manual would have to be written anonymously and only given to actual, active members, then destroyed. A CD would be the best format, if you have washing software on your computer then no trace would be left (all of us should have such) like this (it’s 100% free and I have tested it long term) Such subjects should never be discussed with any other person or group, they could easily trump you up on “conspiracy” charges. Just read, memorize and destroy


    I also highly recommend this squad level manual by the NCO and author of “The Last Hundred Yards”. Covers small and large scale actions in an analysis of sneaky Eastern warfare techniques.. which are often much like HCs concepts in his novels:


  5. Kate Barker
    Aug 07, 2010

    I would choose the trenches. There, you can shoot back and are less likely to be raped.

  6. Harold
    Aug 07, 2010

    Unless you were at Gallipoli fighting the Turks.

    I knew a Greek Cypriot once who was there in 1974 when the Turks invaded. I asked him about it and he replied, “Most invading armies kill all the men and rape all the women. The Turks do the opposite.” (True story.)

  7. Steve
    Aug 07, 2010

    There are trenches and then there are trenches.. read Poole’s works to understand what I am promoting

  8. phil white
    Aug 07, 2010

    “The Project Megiddo intelligence initiative has identified very few indications of specific
    threats to domestic security” This quote from the Megiddo project says it all. For a long time domestic terrorism was to a large extent a make work project for the FBI and now the DHS.
    That might change. Maybe they should up date it from worring about the year 2000 to 2012.
    Gerlan Celanti and lots of other more mainstream types are talkling bad stuff ove the next five years. HAC’s Ocean of Gasoline.
    I’ve got an old army field manual back in Florida that details guerilla tactics. Bought it at a gun show and the vendor didn’t ask for an id. It was written for U.S. military specail forces and is not totally applicable to a second american revolution, NWF or other wise.
    However the biggest single point it made is still applicable, that Gurreill fighters typically suffer low casusalty rates because they pick the times and places they want to figth. That should be good news for Kate.

  9. Ken
    Sep 25, 2010

    Correction #3: Humm, something is not right with your comment section, as it will not post correctly. Oh I see, I cannot use the greater than or less than symbols when discussing Skeleton and Oil depths:

    1. Oil is ABIOTIC, yet you talk about Peak Oil. Ironic how skeletons can only be found LESS than 10,000 feet down yet Oil can be found GREATER than 40,000 feet down. Russia, since removing many of the Communist Liars is now the #1 Oil Producer (Production is different than Reserves for those ignorant of Oil basics) on Earth because they also understand Oil is not made from freaking dead plants or animals.

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