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Pam Bailey Update

August 19th, 2010

 [This was just received here, so it was held up for at least a week by the camp guards. – HAC]

 Dear Harold:

     Thank you for your note and kind words of encouragement. I received it tonight, so at least it wasn’t too delayed. Much of my mail of late hasn’t been reaching me.

     I’m assuming you have heard of my current situation. On August 6th, as I was minding my own business in my cell, reading the current edition of The First Freedom ironically enough, they came to my door and cuffed me and took me to the hole. They would not give a reason. I was told only that I was “under investigation.”

     Four days later I received a write-up which reads even more ridiculously than the one I received a year ago. The charges are “unauthorized organization”, disrespect, and disobedience. Two days after that, four other women received identical write-ups, but I am the only one in the hole. They say that I am supposedly the “leader of the Whites” here, and due to my “rank and influence” (???) I pose a “threat to staff and inmates,” and that non-White inmates have complained about concerns regarding “the White supremacists structure and intimidation.” I have no idea what that last even means.  

     The other women who received write-ups are my exercise partners. They are White, but not White Nationalists. Just like last year, what appears to drive the regime here into a frenzy of paranoia is White women exercising together and not in nice diverse multi-racial groups. Apparently there’s something really sinister about that.

     This is just a convenient way for Hymie to keep me in the hole. All I do is work, work out, and study. Prison drama holds no interest for me. Hymie did use this opportunity to let me know that if these “charges” (and I’m still not sure exactly what they are) stick when I go to my hearing, they will very likely make an example out of me by sending me out of state—again—“this time to a predominantly black institution where I cannot wield my power,” whatever the hell my power is supposed to be.

    It would be mighty inconvenient, but hey, I was like a grain of salt in a pepper shaker down in California, so it’s no skin off my lampshade.

    I’ll keep you posted once I get my hearing and let you know if they’re shipping me out or not. Thank you for your kindness and consideration, all you folks out there. You can’t imagine what it means to someone inside. They will never break me. Not even bend me.

Pamela Bailey  #14705513

Coffee Creek Womens’ Correctional Center

24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road

Wilsonville, OR 97070