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Edgar Steele Is Doomed

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Subject: Re: Think Before You Rat

You know as well as I do that ANYBODY that is called a Racist will loose a jury trial. Edgar J. Steele is fucked big time just like anybody else that commits the racist thought crime. Its even worse than beaning on trial and the jury finding out you a pedophile. You have Zero chance to win.

You know that.

All the web sites and free Steele are just feel good things that white people do to sooth themselves as they watch yet another one of themselves get fucked.


I agree, it’s not what we should be doing. I have already made it clear what we should be doing, but we lack the character, the courage, and the moral fiber to do it.

So we have two choices.

First, we can sit and get drunk and whine and weep and sob into our beer and whiskey, wailing about how horrible it all is and how we’re all doomed.

Secondly, we can do what little we can, each in our own way, not because we expect to win, but because it is right.

We both seem to have made our respective choices.