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Is Harold Being Mean and Hateful?

Dear HAC:            Aren’t you worried you are going to alienate our own people with your repeated chastisements on Radio Free Northwest? This last one was particularly powerful. I know what you’re saying is true, but is it a truth we need to be constantly reminded of?  -Sam Campbell  * * * * * * […]

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Radio Free Northwest – July 8th 2010

In this podcast I talk about Mel Gibson’s latest racial gaffe, culture in the Northwest Republic, the art of raising White children, and more on the Northwest Volunteers.

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Feedback on E-Mail List

Dear Hal:        You asked for feedback on the meetings.  A month ago, I met with a WN from Romania in his hometown of Haverhill, Mass.  It was a nice drive across the state for me.  We had some things in common, but mostly we kept disagreeing on different issues.  I’ll get to those […]

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Reading The Northwest Novels

Mr. Covington,            I have bought The Brigade, A Distant Thunder, The Hill of the Ravens, and A Mighty Fortress on Amazon and was wondering in what order they should be read to get the correct timeline for the story of the Northwest Republic?            Thank you for your help.  -Hank Batts ****************** Dear Comrade […]

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How Exciting

HAC,             After listening to podcast 22, I must say that this is truly your most powerful and inspiring for me to date. Glad you shared your conversations with first hand witnesses regarding the holocaust hoax.    Thank you for deciding it was time to give us more of an outlook of what is to […]

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HAC & April Gaede Radio Appearance

Hi, guys: This morning April Gaede and I appeared for about an hour on Jim Giles’ Radio Free Mississippi show, talking about the Edgar Steele case. The audio file can be downloaded from     Now, a few words of explanation. This is a long broadcast, almost four hours in length, so it will take […]

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