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The Romance of Jewish Names

I don’t mean to flood your inbox but I asked some questions in an e-mail subject “Origin of Jews” before listening to the 7/15 podcast.  You must have read my mind by including the segment on origin of Jewish names. That answered a lot. Great to hear the real “Dixie” as well.  Thanks! -Bradley Stewart

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Re-Appearing Act

The official story is now that Ed Steele never left the Spokane County jail, and that his incommunicado period of some weeks in June and early July is now a non-event. All those deputies telling people on the phone that Ed had been removed by the U.S. Marshalls, all the visitors turned away, all the […]

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Ed Steele and Mel Gibson

It now appears that the famous Mel Gibson Nigger tapes, allegedly recorded when he was on the phone with his Russian girl friend, have been examined by professional forensic audio experts who have stated that in their opinion the recordings were tampered with and are fraudulent. The implications for the Edgar Steele case are […]

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True Born Son

I haven’t yet got my hands on any of the Northwest novels, but I am particularly interested in A Distant Thunder, due to the fact that you named the main character Shane Ryan, which just happens to be my son’s first and middle names. (No, he wasn’t named after the novels, as he was born […]

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Radio Free Northwest – July 15th 2010

In this Civil War music special, I go over the latest Edgar Steele news, talk about the coming elections in November, and regale my listeners with the romance of Jewish names.

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One Coming Home

I am reaching out beyond the computer to this movement. It only makes sense for me. It was going to be 5 years, then I knocked it down to 2 years until I would move. Now I am going in a week or 3 at the most. I am Coming Home. I have enough saved […]

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Lazy Young White People

You can use this comment in your next audio if it’s suitable..including my first name.  BTW you are “growing,” so please do not stop doing exactly what you are doing.. HAC, you commented that you want young people to join the Northwest Front. That sounds great, I wish it was a major percentage of the […]

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Weird Aryan History Series

Dear HAC,           Here are my thoughts on the Weird Aryan History series that you have broadcast out.           1. I enjoyed reading them. With few exceptions I was not aware of those histories.           2. I am not sure if you had already toned down your humor from previous requests for the recent series […]

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Good Meeting

Dear HAC:   Just wanted to drop by and let you know how our meeting went today. I would say it was a resounding success. My wife Beth and I along with Guy and Amy and their children met up with Sam from Minnesota and his significant Teresa, at a small town bar and grill over lunch. […]

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Nigger Apes

Hey HAC.   Just thought I would write just becauseI haven’t for a while. I still have not received my White Book, but my friend who is also in the movement brought it over to let me take a look. Needless to say, I liked it and can’t wait to have my own. I know you are […]

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