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Montana Primary Settlement Area Web Site

Hi, guys:

The comrades in Kalispell, Montana have produced the first local Northwest Homecoming site, located at


It’s 100% Shockwave Flash, so you need the browser add-on to view it, and Mozilla Firefox can’t read it at all, so you will need Internet Explorer.

This is basically April Gaede’s project, and she chooses to use the term “Pioneer Little Europe.” I prefer the Party term PSA (Primary Settlement Area) because the term “PLE” has a lot of internet baggage following it around I don’t care for, but this is April’s gig, and she can call it whatever she wants.

We here in the Olympic Peninsula need to put together our own Homecoming site, and I invite ideas and participation in such a project. We might start by lifting some stills from the movie “Twilight” and attract a lot of teeny-bopper vampire fans.



  1. bryan
    Jul 24, 2010

    Sorry HAC,
    But I still prefer the term Northwest Confederation for the Homeland. Where no regional flag, community banner or tribal logo shall be raised higher than the Tricolor Flag of Confederation.
    It is a great understatment to say that human affairs here on earth can be a delicate act of balance.

  2. Marcus
    Jul 24, 2010

    It can be viewed in Firefox, you just have to have the IE Tab plug-in and install the Shockwave plug-in for it. Then it works.

  3. Sanya
    Jul 24, 2010

    This is the Great idea, folks. The only scare part is the start-up cost. It is somewhat easier to begin by being at the place. But consider to relocate family of 5 with no savings. I’d like to see how such idea will be growing under the State and Fed jurisdiction against racial or national assimilation, heavily promoted by …, well u’know by whom. As April stated, she has been approached by “antifa” volunteers almost immediately. So in order to settle we have to lie that we’re going to join the movement?

  4. phil white
    Jul 28, 2010

    Mostly I’ve beeen lefaleting cars out here, but the comment on April’s site about beginning with “casual socializing” is important. I’ll try to get back to doing more casual socializing, THEN hand people some material.
    Socializing is where the libs have it all over us. They know how to network and thus spread their ideas.

  5. Stan
    Dec 16, 2015

    Hailsa! I’m glad to know that the fraulein april gaede is still around on the email scene anyhow. I have always wanted to see the state of Montana.That is why five and a half years ago;I moved there.I was there for 19 months,not just in one spot.I did ranch work twice for a little over three months each time;North east of Kalispell,the first time.The second job was east of Billings.I hope this shows my interest in the Montana area.If you receive this.Drop m`oi an email Auf Wiederschen Ralphdebrickasar

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