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Montana Primary Settlement Area Web Site

Hi, guys:

The comrades in Kalispell, Montana have produced the first local Northwest Homecoming site, located at


It’s 100% Shockwave Flash, so you need the browser add-on to view it, and Mozilla Firefox can’t read it at all, so you will need Internet Explorer.

This is basically April Gaede’s project, and she chooses to use the term “Pioneer Little Europe.” I prefer the Party term PSA (Primary Settlement Area) because the term “PLE” has a lot of internet baggage following it around I don’t care for, but this is April’s gig, and she can call it whatever she wants.

We here in the Olympic Peninsula need to put together our own Homecoming site, and I invite ideas and participation in such a project. We might start by lifting some stills from the movie “Twilight” and attract a lot of teeny-bopper vampire fans.